Who Are You – Tobey Kai


Using music as rehabilitation, a talented Calgary musician overcomes a Traumatic Brain Injury, and is an inspiration for others.

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Before last year my social media experience was limited to Facebook, but that changed last year when I decided that the time had come for me to do something different with my life. Having a larger presence on social media would go a long way towards accomplishing the things that I wanted to do, so I now have accounts across several platforms.

An Instagram account was a no brainer, and I soon found out that there was more to this app than just the Kardashians and other assorted “influencers” (I can’t believe they get paid for this shit, honestly). As I scrolled through the accounts that Instagram thought I’d be interested in, one stood out.

I was first drawn in by her photo. She is possessed of those qualities that are highly desired by those shallower aspects that are inherent to men. In short I thought she was hot. I started to follow her and checked out her profile. She was a local girl with an incredible musical talent, university educated, and she had also suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. I needed to find out more about this intriguing person, named Tobey Kai.

Natural talent

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From Tobey Kai’s Facebook page.

Tobey’s musical talents come naturally, both of her parents are musicians who came to Canada in the mid-’80’s. From a young age, she showed an interest in music, taking her first piano lesson at only 6years old. She says that her singing abilities came from her mother, who also sings opera.

The family would come to Calgary by way of Vancouver, and Tobey continued to study music, enhancing her natural born talent. She has a younger brother, and an “adopted sister” who has been in her life since her teen years.

You might think that Tobey would pursue a music education at the Alberta College of Art, but her interests also extend beyond music. Instead, she has not one but TWO bachelor’s degrees, and they have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other, holding degrees in biology and economics.

Animal lover

Courtesy Facebook


Equal to her passion for music is her passion for animals. She combines the two at her music studio where she gives private music and singing lessons. She has resident cats and dogs that will like to come and visit while she’s giving lessons, and she mentions this on her website giving anyone who might have allergies a heads up.

Conservation of the world’s oceans is another one of her causes and she is an advocate for the world’s sharks, whose populations have nearly been wiped out in Asia due to poaching. Shark fin soup has long been a delicacy in some Asian countries, but ever decreasing numbers have led to the dish been banned.

All life is precious. Meet Freyja, one of my many daughters I’ve had the honour of caring for over the years. A ferocious predator (not unlike a shark), but has never struck me because I haven’t given her reason to. 
Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand. 

To her, all life is precious, and she would soon come to know just exactly how very precious it is. On the home page of her website, you can listen to a song she wrote called “Ondine”, which she has dedicated to ocean and shark conservation.

A cagey polyglot

As if all of this weren’t impressive enough, she also speaks fluent German. I figure that she would be able to carry out lengthy conversations in at least three languages: English, Mandarin, and German. I ask her how many languages she can speak, and she’s coy about answering saying only that she “does dabble in a few languages”. Based on what I’ve learned about her so far, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she could single-handedly interpret a meeting of the UN Security Council.


Touched by Alzheimers

In 2017 Tobey began writing a song about her grandfather, whom she lost to Alzheimer’s disease. Called “Who Are You”, it recounts her grandfather’s final words to her “Who are you, young lady? Are you lost?” It is a poignant song about an experience that many families go through, and can relate to. It would be several months before she would record the song however. At the beginning of 2018, something would happen that had a lasting and profound effect on her life.

Who Are You – Written for Alzheimer’s and brain injury awareness.

Everything changes in an instant

For Tobey, recreation is something done outdoors no matter what season it is and whether it’s on a bike or a snowboard, physical activity is just as much a part of her life as music. She’s as much at home on the back of a bicycle as she is on a snowboard, and it was while enjoying a day on the latter that things would change forever.

Sunday, January 14th was a pleasant day to be in the mountains, with temperatures only a couple degrees below zero. Deciding to take advantage of the beautiful weather, Tobey decided to go snowboarding at Nakiska that day. At the end of her first run, when she got to the bottom of the hill, she slipped and fell to the ground.

Moments later a skier collided with her, impacting her left temple. Almost immediately, she knew that something was very wrong. She had lost feeling below her neck, her fingers were twitching, and she knew that she was bleeding from somewhere underneath her helmet. Emergency crews were able to stabilize her and transport her to Calgary by ground ambulance. She remembers much of the hour long ride back to the city, but some memories are gone.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

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Your brain is covered by a thick, fibrous membrane called dura mater. Beneath the dura mater is the archnoid mater, under which cerebralspinal fluid helps to cushion the brain. A tear in a blood vessel can cause blood to accumulate in this space, putting pressure on the brain. Surgery may have to be performed to drain the blood and stop the hemorraging.

The odds of making a full recovery are against someone with a subarachnoid hemorrage as only one third of patients will have a good out come, another third will survive but with a disability, and the remaining third will die.

Nothing short of miraculous

For a very brief time Tobey was comatose, but she wouldn’t be unconscious for long. For the first few weeks, she was unable to walk and had to re-learn how. Her neck was also injured, and she would find talking painful. She began to wonder if she would ever sing again. But she persevered, and began to use music as rehabilitation.

To say that her recovery was miraculous would be an understatement. She learned to walk again and has been able to not only speak but return to singing the way she did before the accident. Only six months after the incident at Nakiska, Tobey appeared in the local media and performed “Who Are You” live. She looked as though nothing had happened at all.

She did not make a complete recovery however. She lost her short-term memory, something that she says is the one thing she regrets losing the most. She has also lost her sense of taste, and as is to be expected after a TBI, she has had some personality changes.

I ask her if her physical fitness had anything to do with how quick she was able to recover. She attributes it more to mental fitness, sheer determination, and stubbornness. I’d say she has the mental fitness to win an Ironman marathon while the competition eating her dust.

Most of all though, she credits music for pulling her through and giving her the motivation. She was composing again before she was allowed off bed rest. She also credits her life experiences for being able to maintain a sense of calmness through it all.

A song dedicated to our troops, our veterans, and their families.

On Remembrance Day 2018 Tobey released a new single titled “Time”. It is her emotional tribute to our active duty personnel, our veterans, and their families. Together, “Time” and “Who Are You” would make the perfect anthem for those verterans with the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) caused by mefloquine toxicity.

People like Tobey are very rare to find. With natural talent and beauty, a social conscience, an amazingly resilient brain, and the ability to inspire others, we are lucky to have someone like her.

In the future, when history recounts those individuals who have had a major impact on Calgary, and were among this country’s brightest shining stars, the historians will count Tobey Kai among them.



Meeting The Mefloquine Cowboy


As Shaun Arntsen fights the biggest battle of his life, he’s reaching others who are doing the same, and saving their lives.

I first heard from Shaun Arntsen about four days ago. He sent me a message on Twitter, where he is known as The Mefloquine Cowboy. He tells me he’d like to collaborate with me on something, a video and written media project about mefloquine. As I’m go through his posts on Twitter, one grabs my eye, it’s a You Tube video whose title warns me that I am about to see something emotionally charged. I watch the video, and it is what the title promises, and then some. Intrigued, I tell him that I’m very interested, and would like to talk. The next day, I hear back from him, and arrange a time to talk on the phone. It was at this point that I found out his real identity.

We exchange messages the following morning before finally connecting over the phone. In one of his messages, he lets me know that he needs to rest. I come to find out that Shaun in plagued by sudden debilitating headaches, and one has just taken hold. It is but one of a number of symptoms that he has experienced over the last 17 years. The symptoms began when he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002.

When we do connect a short time later, he begins to tell me about the symptoms he is experiencing, symptoms that the Department of National Defense attributes to PTSD. He exhibits many of the symptoms that appear with PTSD, anxiety, depression, nightmares, but, he also has symptoms that are not seen in PTSD either.

He often experiences a tingling, pinprick sensation in his hands, has problems with his digestive system, and experiences episodes that he calls seizures, which, from his description of them, sound like petit mal seizures. He tells me that the things that trigger his anxiety are also unusual, in that they aren’t the normal triggers that one might see in PTSD. He tells me of how walking into a supermarket can be one of the biggest triggers of anxiety for him. The lighting in particular bothers him.

He then says something that catches my attention, when he talks about not getting anxiety from loud noises, and says something about being bombed in Afghanistan. Wait, did he just say he got bombed in Afghanistan? That didn’t make sense, our guys never got bombed in Afgha… is about as far as I thought before the words “Tarnak Farms” had popped into my head. A few moments later, he would confirm this, and I would suddenly realize who I had been talking with.

The Incident at Tarnak Farms

Canada’s first troops in Afghanistan were members of the elite Joint Task Force 2 special operations unit, followed soon after by the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in January of 2002, led by Lt.Col. Pat Stogran, as part of Operation Apollo.

The battalion took part in Operation Harpoon in March before commencing training for future operations. The live fire training would take place at a location known as Tarnak Farms, which had previously been an al Qaeda and Taliban training area, and was known to pilots to be in friendly territory.

On the night of April 17th, a section from “A” Company was conducting nighttime training, when an American F-16 flying overhead saw the tracer fire down below. In a stunning display of incompetence, the National Guard pilot dropped a 500 lb bomb on them. Four men were killed, another 8 were wounded.

Although close by, because of where he was at the time of the explosion, Cpl. Arntsen escaped physical injury that night. The same could not be said for his psyche however and there isn’t a single normal human who wouldn’t be effected similarly. It should go without saying that an incident like this will result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and he would begin to display the classic symptoms of it while still in theatre. The only thing was, what was happening to Shaun Arntsen was far more than just PTSD.

Battle For His Life

I wanted to get a sense for who the man was before I talked to him, so I did my online homework on Shaun Arntsen. I’m struck by the things that I find in his various social media accounts, and they start to give me an idea about who he his. First, in order to get a true sense of who he is, you have to look at all of them together. To simply view him through the lens of a single social media account will only leave you with a partial understanding of him.

Looking pictures of him, my first impression is that Shaun is someone who epitomize the word rugged. With his long hair, beard, and tattoos, he would look natural on the back of a motorcycle, and like many former soldiers he is active in the Canadian Veterans Motorcycle Unit. This group of motorcycle enthusiasts works to raise awareness of veterans issues on his community and across the province.

He describes himself as a “jack of all trades” and is just as comfortable operating heavy equipment as he is a camera. Using the knowledge and skills he picked up in the military, he offers tactical firearms instruction through his company Tactical Yoga, and is also an assistant coach with the Nakiska Alpine Ski Association, teaching and mentoring youth.

He’s a talented photographer, and appears to be just as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it. The pictures that he has taken, and those that he appears in himself, could very easily be in any number of glossy magazines, used to promote a men’s fragrance or to showcase a new clothing line.

Yet, there is another aspect to Shaun that you can’t see as much in those pictures. It’s the veteran, haunted almost continuously by demons that first appeared in Afghanistan. Like many veterans of that conflict, he’s had his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and he’s been in trouble with the law. There are times when he’s filled with an uncontrollable rage, and he has had outbursts in public that have left some feeling uneasy, even unsafe.

During these episodes, although they may appear frightening from the outside, his rage is not directed towards any individual, and he has not attacked or otherwise menaced anyone during these episodes.

Over time, the retired corporal came to the realization that what was going on with him was more than the PTSD that the military said that he had. Many of his symptoms weren’t consistent with the diagnosis, and since they began 17 years ago, he has shown no improvement whatsoever over that time. As more and more stories about mefloquine began to emerge, it soon became clear that this was responsible for the nightmare playing itself out in Shaun’s brain and body.

He was perilously close to making the decision that many Afghanistan veterans have made, ready to end his own life in order to find himself free from the hell that he was living each and every day for years. But Shaun also is possessed of an incredible strength of spirit, and he decided to document his struggle on YouTube. His videos tell the story of a day in the life of a man who was poisoned by a neuro toxic substance that his government ordered him to take.

They are raw, edgy, and emotional, but also inspirational. Shaun Arntsen has a way of reaching his viewers the way very few people can. There’s no pretense to the man, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a dose of the reality that he and thousands of others experience daily. He can connect with people, and is a no bullshit kind of a guy, which is why he is quickly establishing himself as someone to be reckoned with, and someone that can be turned to for advice, or a little bit of support, or a message of hope at a time when it is so desperately needed.

With lawsuits pending, and a campaign of public awareness building, mefloquine will soon be getting the attention of the Canadian public at large, but there is still a lot of work to do. Every day, veterans are hearing about mefloquine and the damage it causes for the first time. For many, it almost comes as a relief, since it would provide the answers to a lot of questions that they may have been asking themselves.

Helping to lead the charge here in Canada is Shaun Arntsen, the Mefloquine Cowboy, who is saving lives as a result of his efforts. He is a man on a mission, and I’m hoping to be able to help him along in his quest to help his brothers in arms. He proved himself on the field of battle in Afghanistan, and his efforts now are nothing short of heroic.


Dedicated to the memory of the first four. Godspeed soldiers.

Sgt Marc Leger, Pte Richard Green, Pte Nathan Smith, Cpl Ainsworth Dyer

We Got Your Six: Dave Bona Talks Mefloquine Rages

With your host Marj Matchee.

This week Dave is talking about mefloquine rages, one of the more unpleasant symptoms of quinism especially if you are around to experience one for yourself. Such rages are not uncommon in people that have PTSD, however the ones associated with quinism are the result of damage to the brainstem and cerebral cortex caused by mefloquine.

In fact these so called mefloquine rages are actually a type of seizure, and often come with other symptoms. Our Dr. Dave breaks it down and explains that people with mefloquine toxicity aren’t assholes when they go off like this, and have no control over it just like someone with epilepsy cannot make their own seizures stop.

2020 årlige veteraner Mefloquine Rally i Ottawa annulleret med forbehold på grund af COVID-19

Rally der afholdes i Edmonton, andre byer i stedet.

Meddelelsen fra Marj Matchee kom ikke som nogen overraskelse, den fjerde årlige veteran’s Mefloquine Rally i Ottawa den 19. september annulleres som et resultat af pandemien. Protokollerne om social distancering og rejser tillader simpelthen ikke det lige nu. Det er uheldigt, men dette er den virkelighed, vi lever i nu, og vi må tilpasse os den i overensstemmelse hermed.

I stedet annoncerer Marj, at rallyet finder sted i Edmonton på et sted, der endnu ikke er bestemt, og at hun håber at se andre stævner i byer og citater over hele Canada og verden lørdag den 19. september kl. 1300 lokal tid. Uanset om rallyet er i Edmonton eller Ottawa, vil meddelelsen forblive den samme.

Det er tid til det fjerde årlige Veteran Mefloquine Rally på Parliament Hill.

Lad os gøre vores stemmer hørt !!

Den årlige Veteran Mefloquine Rally er en fremragende lejlighed til at nå veteraner, deres familier og plejere, og dem, der endnu ikke har forbundet de prikker, som deres sundhedsmæssige problemer kan skyldes dette stof.

Som en del af dagsordenen for denne rally fokuserer vi opmærksomheden på:

1. Genåbning af Somalia-affæren

2. Beder den canadiske regering om anerkendelse af den skade, der er gjort for de mennesker, der blev beordret til at tage dette stof. Dette har været i mindst 27 år.

3. Regering finansieret forskning for at finde en kur eller måder at håndtere den sundhedsmæssige og mentale skade, der er gjort på vores veteraner

Dette er vores år !!

Retssagen mod masse-tortur vinder fart. Lad os bringe den energi til bakken.

Marj Matchee https://www.facebook.com/events/2626280620800832/

Detaljer om placeringen af rallyet i Edmonton vil blive annonceret, når arrangementerne er afsluttet. Uanset hvor du er i verden, det være sig Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rom, Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, Sydney eller andre steder, marker 19. september på din kalender og begynd at planlægge.

Lad regeringerne vide, at intet vil forhindre vores stemmer i at blive hørt, ikke i år eller på noget andet.

Godišnji prosvjed veterana za meflokin 2020. u Ottawi preliminarno otkazan zbog COVID-19

Okupljanja koja će se održati u Edmontonu, drugim gradovima.

Najava Marja Matcheeja nije iznenadila, četvrti godišnji skup veterana meflokvina u Ottawi 19. rujna otkazan je kao rezultat pandemije. Postojeći protokoli koji se odnose na socijalno distanciranje i putovanja jednostavno to trenutno ne bi dopuštali. To je nesreća, ali to je stvarnost u kojoj sada živimo i moramo joj se u skladu s tim prilagoditi.

Umjesto toga, Marj najavljuje da će se miting održati u Edmontonu na mjestu koje još nije utvrđeno, te da se nada ostalim mitingima u gradovima i gradovima širom Kanade i svijeta u subotu, 19. rujna u 13:00 po lokalnom vremenu. Bilo da je skup u Edmontonu ili Ottawi, poruka će ostati ista.

Vrijeme je za četvrti godišnji skup veterana mefloquine na Parlamentarnom brdu.

Neka se naši glasovi čuju !!

Godišnji meflokvinski miting za veterane izvrsna je prilika da se dođe do veterana, njihovih obitelji i njegovatelja, kao i onih koji još nisu povezali točkice koje bi zbog ovog lijeka mogle biti njihove zdravstvene probleme.

Kao dio agende ovog skupa usmjerimo pozornost na:

1. Ponovno otvaranje afere Somalija

2. Zamolite kanadsku vladu za priznanje štete nanesene ljudima koji su naređeni da uzmu ovu drogu. To traje već najmanje 27 godina.

3. Vlada je financirala istraživanje kako bi pronašla lijek ili načine upravljanja zdravstvenim i mentalnim oštećenjima koja su učinjena našim veteranima

Ovo je naša godina !!

Tužba za masovnu muku dobiva na značaju. Donosimo tu energiju u brdo.

Marj Matchee https://www.facebook.com/events/2626280620800832/

Detalji lokacije mitinga u Edmontonu bit će objavljeni nakon što se dogovori finaliziraju. Ma gdje bili u svijetu, bilo da su to Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rim, Edinburgh, Berlin, Pariz, Sydney ili bilo gdje drugo, obilježite 19. rujna na svom kalendaru i počnite stvarati planove.

Obavijestite vlade da ništa neće spriječiti da se naši glasovi čuju, ne ove godine niti u bilo kojoj drugoj.

迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)被劫为人质


国拘留的两个加拿大人迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)是谁

这些来自视频的2018年图像显示了在中国被拘留的两个加拿大人Michael Kovrig(左)和Michael Spavor。 加拿大媒体/ AP


中华人民共和国检察官将对被称为“两个迈克尔一家”的加拿大人迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)进行间谍活动指控。 在长达18个月的时间里,这两个被关押在一天24小时不间断的牢房中,每天要进行多达三遍的“讯问”。 自从他们被拘留以来,他们已经几个月没有被允许与加拿大领事馆官员联系,也没有与家人联系。 如果被中国法院判为重罪,他们将面临死刑。

这显然是中国对加拿大与美国在孟万州法律事务上的合作的报应。 华为女继承人已经获得了两个迈克尔一家迄今已制定的正当法律程序,他们很可能永远不会自己看到。 当她在豪华住宅中被软禁时,加拿大人已经并将继续在曲折的环境中感到沮丧。

Extradition hearing for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou opens in Vancouver ...


ICRC writing competition III | International Committee of the Red ...

我以前曾提出过这样的论点,即我们实际上与具体的中国共产党交战。 尽管实际上可能是这种情况,但国际上公认的战争规则在这里不适用,因为没有宣战,双方之间也没有任何公开的武装冲突。 但是,中国违反了红十字国际委员会在日内瓦制定的习惯国际人道主义法(IHL),因此,国际社会应予以相应对待。



Protecting humanity: 70 years of the Geneva Conventions - British ...
1864年日内瓦公约,©MICR照片Alain Germond

现行的《日内瓦公约》(于1949年通过)创建于1864年,是国际上公认的条约和协定,其中确立了与武装冲突法有关的规则和议定书,特别是关于在本国或本国或其他国家对待囚犯和平民的待遇 国际武装冲突。 1977年又通过了两项附加议定书,旨在加强对国际武装冲突以及国家武装冲突(内战)受害者的保护。





国际人权法没有具体禁止“劫持人质”,但是由于这种做法等同于任意剥夺自由,因此它是不可克减的人权法所禁止的做法(见规则99)。 联合国人权委员会指出,劫持人质,无论在何处发生和由何人犯下,都是旨在破坏人权的非法行为,永远是没有道理的。




《反对劫持人质国际公约》将犯罪定义为:扣押或扣押一个人(人质),并威胁杀害,伤害或继续扣留人质,以强迫第三方从事或劫持人质。 避免作为释放人质的明示或暗示条件而作出任何作为。[17] 国际刑事法院的犯罪要件使用相同的定义,但补充说,第三方的要求行为不仅可以作为释放人质的条件,而且可以作为人质安全的条件。[18] 这是劫持人质的特定意图,并将其与作为行政或司法手段剥夺某人的自由区分开来。

尽管《日内瓦第四公约》规定了禁止劫持人质的行为,通常与将平民劫持为人质有关,但没有迹象表明犯罪仅限于将平民劫为人质。 《日内瓦四公约》,《国际刑事法院规约》和《反对劫持人质国际公约》共同第3条并不将罪行限于劫持平民,而是将其适用于劫持任何人。 实际上,在《国际刑事法院的犯罪要件》中,该定义适用于采取受《日内瓦公约》保护的任何人。[19]

现在,尽管中国并没有公开表示如果加拿大要释放孟万州,他们将释放“两个迈克尔”,但鉴于事件发生的时机,这肯定可以暗示。 我无论如何都不是国际法专家,但在我看来,这确实符合维持绑架指控的标准。

就是说,我将与我认识的国际法专家交谈,以了解他的观点。 他可以告诉我,这是否可以放在外交桌上。 同时,世界需要继续对中国施加压力,以释放迈克尔·科夫里格和迈克尔·斯沃弗。

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor Are Hostages

In contravention of International Humanitarian Law.

Who are Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, the two Canadians held by China?

Michael Kovrig (left) and Michael Spavor, the two Canadians detained in China, are shown in these 2018 images taken from video. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP


The Canadians known as “The Two Michaels”, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are to be charged with espionage by prosecutors in the People’s Republic of China. For over 18 months the two have been held in cells that are lit 24 hours a day and subjected to “interrogations” as much as three times a day. They have not been allowed contact with Canadian consular officials for months and haven’t communicated with their families since they were detained. They face the death penalty if found guilty of the trumped up charges by a Chinese court.

This is clearly retribution on China’s part for Canada’s cooperation with the United States in the Meng Wanzhou legal matter. The Huawei heiress has been afforded the due process of law that has been heretofore been witheld from the Two Michaels and that they will likely never see for themselves. While she remains on house arrest in a luxury residence, the Canadians have and will continue to languish in tortuous conditions.

Extradition hearing for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou opens in Vancouver ...
Image from YouTube: Uploaded by: CGTN, Jan 19, 2020

Customary International Humanitarian Law

ICRC writing competition III | International Committee of the Red ...

I have previously made the contention that we are in fact at war with the PRC, the Chinese Communist Party to be specific. While this may in fact be the case, internationally accepted rules of war are not applicable here because there has been no declaration of war made, nor has there been any open armed conflict between the parties. China is however in contravention of Customary International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as set out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva, and should therefore be treated accordingly by the world community.


The Geneva Conventions

Protecting humanity: 70 years of the Geneva Conventions - British ...
The 1864 Geneva Convention, © MICR photo Alain Germond

Created in 1864, the current Geneva Conventions (adopted in 1949) are the treaties and agreements agreed to internationally that establish the rules and protocols pertaining to the Laws of Armed Conflict, specifically with regard to the treatment of prisoners and civilians during times of national or international armed conflict. In 1977 two additional protocols were adopted which were intended to strengthen protections for the victims of international armed conflicts as well as national armed conflicts (civil wars).

However, according to the ICRC:

Article 75(2)(c) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I states that the taking of hostages is an act which is and “shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever, whether committed by civilian or by military agents”


In addition Rule 96 of the Customary IHL states:

International human rights law does not specifically prohibit “hostage-taking”, but the practice is prohibited by virtue of non-derogable human rights law because it amounts to an arbitrary deprivation of liberty (see Rule 99). The UN Commission on Human Rights has stated that hostage-taking, wherever and by whoever committed, is an illegal act aimed at the destruction of human rights and is never justifiable.


Hostage Taking Defined

Rule 96 also provides the following definition of a hostage taking:

The International Convention against the Taking of Hostages defines the offence as the seizure or detention of a person (the hostage), combined with threatening to kill, to injure or to continue to detain the hostage, in order to compel a third party to do or to abstain from doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the hostage.[17] The Elements of Crimes for the International Criminal Court uses the same definition but adds that the required behaviour of the third party could be a condition not only for the release of the hostage but also for the safety of the hostage.[18] It is the specific intent that characterizes hostage-taking and distinguishes it from the deprivation of someone’s liberty as an administrative or judicial measure.

Although the prohibition of hostage-taking is specified in the Fourth Geneva Convention and is typically associated with the holding of civilians as hostages, there is no indication that the offence is limited to taking civilians hostage. Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, the Statute of the International Criminal Court and the International Convention against the Taking of Hostages do not limit the offence to the taking of civilians, but apply it to the taking of any person. Indeed, in the Elements of Crimes for the International Criminal Court, the definition applies to the taking of any person protected by the Geneva Conventions.[19]

Now while the Chinese haven’t overtly stated that they would release the Two Michaels if Canada were to release Meng Wanzhou, it could very certainly be implied given the timing of the events to this point. I’m not an expert in international law by any means but it does appear to me that this would meet the standard to sustain a charge of kidnapping.

That said I am going to talk to someone I know who IS an expert in international law to get his perspective on this. He’ll be able to tell me whether or not this is a viable option that could be put on the diplomatic table. In the meantime, the world needs to continue to apply pressure on the PRC to free Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

2020 Annual Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally In Ottawa Pre-emptively Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Rallies to be held in Edmonton, other cities instead.

The announcement from Marj Matchee came as no surprise, the 4th Annual Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally in Ottawa on September 19th is cancelled as a result of the pandemic. The protocols in place regarding social distancing and travel simply wouldn’t allow for it right now. It’s unfortunate but this is the reality we now live in and we must adjust to it accordingly.

Instead, Marj is announcing that the rally will take place in Edmonton at a location as yet to be determined, and that she’s hoping to see other rallies in towns and citites across Canada and the world on Saturday, September 19th at 1300 local time. Whether the rally is in Edmonton or Ottawa the message will remain the same.

Its time for the 4th annual Veterans Mefloquine Rally at Parliament Hill.

Lets make our voices heard!!

The annual Veterans Mefloquine Rally is an excellent occasion to reach veterans, their families and caregivers, and those who have not yet connected the dots that their health issues may be due to this drug.

As part of the agenda for this rally, we are focusing attention on:

1. Reopening the Somalia Affair

2. Asking the Canadian government for acknowledgement of the damage done to the people who were ordered to take this drug. This has been going on for at least 27 years.

3. Government funded research to find a cure or ways to manage the health and mental damage done to our veterans

This is our year!!

The mass-tort lawsuit is gaining momentum. Lets bring that energy to the hill.

Marj Matchee https://www.facebook.com/events/2626280620800832/

Details of the location of the rally in Edmonton will be announced once the arrangements have been finalized. Wherever you are in the world be it Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rome, Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, or anywhere else, mark September 19th on your calendar and start making plans.

Let governments know that nothing will stop our voices from being heard, not this year or in any other.

Philip Brooks – On The Exceptional Duty Hazard Pay For CF Deployed To Healthcare Facilities


New hazard allowance for Canadian Armed Forces members deployed on  COVID-19 frontlines.


A policy announcement has been made regarding the granting of exceptional duty hazard pay to the Canadian Forces soldiers deployed to many of our largest provinces long term care facilities. Including our own former Veterans Hospital, the last of 18 that were shut down since I joined the RCAF in 1986 before it was restored to that name.

Our own revered and respected Lt. Wolf Wm Solkin, WWII veteran extraordinaire, who along with his intrepid cohorts in Ste. Anne’s Hospital and other former federal veterans hospitals, have suffered badly since falling into the under-funded and confused management of local health authorities at Ste. Anne’s in Montreal. He and his colleagues are particularly vulnerable, captive in the centre of Canada’s worst pandemic outbreak.

As for this hazard pay gesture; it is a pat on the head once again. It doesn’t do a thing to help fight their future lifetime of insurance battles with Veterans Affairs and Manulife Financial Corporation if a single one of them gets infected and sick as a direct result of their military duties and recovers only to be left with any number of emerging post-Covid disabilities. Not everyone recovers and we are again intentionally creating wounded veterans for the greater good we all volunteer to serve – until we become disability liabilities.

Then it’s off to the insurance company gulag for you. Go find a doctor. One who loves extra paperwork there will be a lot of it. All the time. Over and over. Your new boss. A social worker, the insurance industry and the government of Canada once again but this time on poverty wages and no respect. For life until you die early. Or kill yourself.

They never admit wrong at Veterans Affairs. They never make amends. They cover up, they take and then they hide behind the legislation and regulations they write themselves.

So $78/day is fine if no one gets hurt. For the one or two who fall for life. Not so good.

Focus On Fentanyl Shifts From China To Burma Following Bust

Enough fentanyl and meth to cover a football field, and a Canadian national born in China dubbed Asia’s El Chapo may be behind it.

Thank you Big Brother Bear Bill Bertschy for posting about this on Facebook.

A massive Asian drug bust has stirred a fentanyl mystery

Barrels of chemicals seized from a drug lab in northern Myanmar. 
Barrels of chemicals seized from a drug lab in northern Myanmar.
Credit:Myanmar’s Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control


An update now on an article originally posted back in October of last year called Fentanyl: Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Reports out of Asia indicate that ground zero in the fight against illicit fentanyl and methamphetamine has moved to Southeast Asia, specifically Burma. I still call it Burma because, like many, I don’t recognize the legitimacy of a name change made by an unelected ruling military junta. Hence Burma.


About ten days ago Patrick Winn, a correspondent for Public Radio International’s program The World, published an article about a massive drug bust there in which the haul was so big that it had to be displayed on a football pitch. In all 18 tons of methamphetamine, mainly in pill form, were recovered as well as about 1,000 gallons of the powerful fentanyl analogue methyl fentanyl, which has been estimated to be anywhere between 400 to 6,000 times more potent than morphine in certain instances.


The contents of a meth-producing superlab in Myanmar. 
The contents of a meth-producing superlab in Myanmar. 
Credit:Myanmar’s Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control

The labs were set up in northern Burma near the Chinese border and according to Burma News International were run by the Sam Gor (Brother Number Three in Cantonese) Syndicate. Brother Number Three’s real name is Tse Chi Lop, a Canadian national who was born in China and is suspected of leading a large multinational narcotics network. The media have even labeled him “Asia’s El Chapo” and “The Most Wanted Man In Asia”.

Hopefully it isn’t long before Brother No.3 is captured and dealt with by Asian authorities. If he is apprehended in Canada he will be subject to the Canadian justice system and would in all likelihood be granted low bail. Then assuming he didn’t escape, made his trial date, and was found guilty he’d probably serve six months at one of Correction Canada’s many resorts, ie minimum security prisons.

BURMA ARMY’S NEW STRATEGY: Anti-narcotics move and disarmament of a militia

Chinese-born Canadian Tse Chi Lop is alleged be the leader of massive global empire of synthetic drug manufacturing.


The seizure was made by Burma’s army, or Tatmadaw, which shortly afterwards also announced the disbandment of the Kaungkha (People’s Militia). The Kaungkha were implicated in the drug trade by turning a blind eye to, and perhaps even a profit from, the sale of illicit narcotics. The move comes as part of a sudden government crackdown on the drug trade, where in the past it had been much more lenient.

BURMA ARMY’S NEW STRATEGY: Anti-narcotics move and disarmament of a militia


What of China?

Donald Trump 'pleaded' with Xi Jinping to help win 2020 US polls ...

There have been reports that US President Donald Trump asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping for his cooperation in combatting the problem by restricting sales of the precursor chemicals that are used in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine and fentanyl. It appears as though this may be the case, however this does not, in my opinion, exonerate Communist China from they role that they have played up until now.


It is worth remembering that we are at war with China, again my opinion, and it is still in their strategic advantage to have North America plagued by a serious opioid drug crisis such as we have today. It is taking tens of thousands of lives and adding a huge strain on the resources and economies of jurisdictions across Canada and the United States.

Time Will Tell

But right now the main focus now needs to be on Burma to see whether or not it continues to exercise its crackdown on narcotics production. If it does, it won’t be long before the results are being seen in the streets and drug markets across North America and South Asia, and hopefully in a decrease in the number of deaths. Only time will tell.

World Factbook Archive – Burma


World Factbook Summary – Burma


Philip Brooks – #fallenathome

One Canadian veteran’s years-long battle against VAC and an uncaring insurance industry.

Capt.(Ret.) Philip Brooks is a friend and brother who has been fighting the system for years. Like thousands of other veterans, he has been put through the ringer by uncaring bureaucrats in Veterans Affairs Canada and the insurance industry. He is left to suffer, having to languish in a nightmare that he must endure day after day with no respite. But, he wakes up every day ready to fight this battle no matter how broken and battered his body and brain.

He posted the following on Facebook earlier this morning.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
This is where I live with my also brain-injured and vulnerable partner sharing a single room without reliable internet or phone service (Wilberforce does not have reliable cell Service). No laundry facilities and far from now-suspended medical treatments. We count ourselves lucky because we feel safe away from Covid and because we ended up in such a kind and caring community of beautiful down-to-Earth real Canadians.

I don’t know how to invert the Canadian flag but it really should be flown upside down today.

After 11 months of threatening my pain-reducing and functionally-critical doctor prescribed medication… a nameless faceless insurance company drone pushed a button and a non-accountable greyly worded denial spits out once again. “You can have half of what your doctors say you need” is what it said.

No photo description available.
 My morning hello and three times a day…when the Government of Canada deems fit to give me my medicine…or not.
Image may contain: people standing
This is how we hand wash our clothes and sheets and towels.

Six times my doctors submitted to Blue Cross strongly worded supporting documentation as if they had nothing else to do with their medical expertise.

Those at Blue Cross and the many drones dragging their hateful bodies out of bed for a paycheque no matter what they are told to do. I’m not entirely unsympathetic. I can’t imagine living their lives and that is one of the carefully considered reasons why with a university degree and established career success already under my belt I made the choice to commit my life, and my family’s life, to military service for Canada.

Only to be one seriously injured in service, on duty, and ever since relegated to deal with non-military vacuous boring inconsequential office worker existences at soulless Canadian insurance empires.

Image may contain: 1 person
One of the many times per day I must simply take to the floor because I cannot hold my own weight up for long.

It has to be rough on the soul working at those bloodless places. No doubt they hate and resent their senseless inhuman make-work lives yet they continue to take their pay and pad their pensions and take their vacations… and abuse silenced veterans grudgingly and conditionally paying for only half my prescription medicine after cutting me off by 70% for an entire year and repeatedly putting me into grave physical distress and danger. And my family. Multiple time put into serious unnecessary medical distress. Their negligent cruel actions have caused me and my family accidents and injury.

So… to the sub-human make-work drones parasiting on Veteran blood, and especially to the nameless faceless bloodless drone who pushed the big red button to cut me off while I lie in terrible pain every single day…I am going to find you. And I am going to name you and shame you in public. I will hold your cruel behaviour out to public ridicule and that of your boss and their boss. Time to protest the insurance parasites abusing and killing Canadian veterans.

These bored unhappy worker drones are harming Canadian Veterans in the dark; hidden from real Canadians who CARE about our men and women in uniform. You are violators of Canadian decency and you need to be identified and called out.

No photo description available.

Like Rhonda Fraser, the Manulife insurance adjuster/case manager who at a time I had lost 40% of my body weight and was regularly throwing up in pain, cut me off my LTD that was under contract from Manulife Financial Corporation. When I was out of country getting urgent medical treatment a month after my brother died and two months before my dad succumbed to cancer after a long fight. Twice she hired private detective to follow me and my Canadian service family. Spied on in my own country by my own people. And then when they didn’t find anything they cut me off anyway. Nice. This happens in Canada regularly and it’s called the insurance industry.

Image may contain: drink and indoor
Draining every last precious drop of medicine that against constant grinding pain allows me to breath and to function.

And let’s not forget Saira Ashraf the now-former Veteran Affairs adjuster and case manager who heavy-handedly and cruelly took over my care after Manulife abandoned me…and then also cut my off my military LTD with some insurance drivel quote in a letter “you are not participating in the way you need to”. What does that mean? She left me sick and incapacitated with no means of basic financial support and to sick to look after myself or do anything about it. For nearly three years of starvation sickness and forced deprivation Veterans Affairs ignored my protests and letters and pleas only to wake up for the pandemic. They just turned on my reduced income protection again so I can look for a home and attack the bankrupting debts which built. No back pay and not a word about “sorry we screwed you for three years”. That’s VAC. Unaccountable behemoth.

Image may contain: 1 person

I was so sick and in such pain for untreated military injuries that I couldn’t even leave my home or take care of my own basic need each day. It’s no different today. She is fired now apparently.

How many people did she and other poorly-trained irresponsible insurance civilians at Veterans Affairs hurt that they covered up and never did anything for the injured military professionals who she abused before she was caught.

Veterans Affairs does not make mistakes and they do say sorry. It’s a tax grab and we are the bait.

I’m going to find out who took the decision to cut me off and I am going to publish their identity and explore their lives in detail here with you and we will compare what I have done for the country and what they have done for Canada.

It’s the CEO of Manulife who is ultimately responsible and it is the backwater Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence McCauley, the internationally preening Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the well paid carefully appointed backstabbing sellouts like former General Walter Natyncyzk who backstab we who served and make their livelihoods grinding injured veterans under the make-work insurance bus. Nice going. How do you sleep at night. (Ans: On silk pillows.)

Image may contain: one or more people
Oh wait, just one more form.
You may appeal this decision within 90 days…

Canada’s injured soldiers are not here to prop up industry. The government is always looking for a spin-off or an exit against their obligations and commitments to Veterans. Unlike prisoners society has a debt to us. How about getting that straight for once and stop looking for how our suffering can benefit you.

Veterans Affairs is an abusive degrading and dehumanizing insurance game and the worst of their incompetence is ONLY applied to our most sickest and most vulnerable; our brave injured. Blue Cross and Manulife more tentacles of the same Hydra.


Image may contain: one or more people
Twenty times every two weeks for years.
Large caliber deep needles 500 times a year just so I can walk and stand and sleep and so I can leave my house several times per week to look after life. Like my widowed mom or my wonderful kids struggling to start families and careers with ZERO help from the father who raised and loved them.

Dave Bona: On Mefloquine Toxicity, PTSD, And The Important Role Diet Plays When Treating Them.

Another great and informative video from the Papa Bear of Canadian Veteran’s Mefloquine Advocacy.

It was great to hear from Dave again as he talks about mefloquine toxicity and the brain damage that it causes. It’s responsible for causing PTSD-like symptoms such as nightmares but will also cause mayhem in the digestive tract and destroy the vestibular system creating another wealth of adverse symptoms like vertigo.

Dave suffers from both mefloquine toxicity (chronic quinoline encephalopathy or quinism) and PTSD as a result of his service while deployed overseas in Africa, twice. Over the years he has built up a wealth of knowledge on the effects of quinism, PTSD, and the role that diet and nutrition play in treating them both.

As always I urge you to stop and listen to Papa Bear for half an hour, it could save you a lifetime of grief and suffering.