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But You Never Have to Pay To Read

When I decided to start this blog, I did it because I thought that there were things that other voters needed to be aware of, not only in Calgary, but in Alberta and across the country. My hope is to have everyone across the country read what I am posting, if for no other reason than to convince people to see things my way.

Since I started out, something that was mentioned to me was the fact that I should be getting paid something for my efforts. Over the course of a year, I spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and preparing data, most of it for the statistical analysis of crime in Calgary that was included in my first post “The Last Good Day”.

I will be continuing the research moving forward, which will require many more hours of work in the months and years to come, on top of the other blog posts I will be working on, as well as going to university full-time. Did I mention that I rely on student loans and don’t have a part-time job yet? Well, now I have.

So, after much consideration, I have decided to add a donate button to the blog. Now, this isn’t a shakedown. Nothing I write will EVER be behind a pay wall. One of my reasons for doing this is to make sure that people will actually read what I’m writing, so that the information can make it to as many people as possible. Paywalls are not conducive to this.

Hit the Donate Button, or Gus Goes “To A Nice Farm Out In The Country”

I want to be very clear, I’m not in this for the money. I don’t expect to be bringing in six figures a year doing this. My motivation is in doing what’s best for my country, my neighbours, friends, and family, and as such gladly do it for free.

I am however, a mature student, relying on student loans to get by, and work is a scarce commodity for a middle aged man who’s going to school full-time. Calgary, despite the economic downturn, remains an expensive city to live in, due in large part to the politicians inhabiting the halls of three levels of government.

I’m thinking that tuition and expenses would be about $25,000 per year, so, I’ll set a stretch goal for myself, and ask for $25,000 in donations. Frankly, I will be floored if I get more than $25, but I would be more than happy to be proved wrong.

Many sites offer their donor’s a token of appreciation for their generosity, and have decided to offer my donor’s the opportunity to buy me lunch. That’s right, we’ll head to the steakhouse of my choice where we’ll enjoy AAA Alberta steaks, a nice merlot, and some great conversation, and then you pick up the tab.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Calgary

Donor’s contributing $5,000 or more will become members of the exclusive Liberal Legacy club, and will receive a rebate cheque equal to 10% of your total donation for the year (cheques will not be honoured).

You can make it a one-time donation, or set up a monthly withdrawal from your PayPal account. Feel free to donate whatever you like, whenever you like. I will also provide receipts and welcome third-party oversight, to ensure that everything is above board.

So, if you feel that what I am doing is informative, or if I entertained you for a couple of minutes, and would like to help me continue doing that for you, feel free to throw me a couple bucks for a coffee. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.


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