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Two investigations lead me to places that I would have preferred not go, but what’s at stake is worth it.

(L-R) Veterans Todd Gilman, Dana Johnson, Dave Bona and Christian McEachern protest in front of the Canadian Forces Recruiting office in downtown Calgary on Thursday July 13, 2017. The group were voicing their opinion on the military’s use of a malaria drug. Jim Wells/Postmedia

Among the benefits of having a blog is that there are really no set rules as to what you have to put in it. The legal concept is known as situs mea et praecepta mea, or my site my rules. Okay, maybe not, but the principle, legal or not, applies. I’m going to put what I like on my site, and what I will be posting next will fall into the category of investigative journalism.

I am by no means a journalist either by training or by trade, nor do I claim to be one. What I am doing, is performing research, conducting interviews, tracking down leads, and then memorializing my findings in a way that people will find compelling. Sounds like investigative journalism to me, but I don’t aspire to be the next Linden MacIntyre (wait that rhymes doesn’t it haha). That being said, I hope he would approve of the effort.

mefloquine: Making a Monster

I’m working on a comprehensive look at mefloquine, from its development by the United States military in the 1960’s, it’s use in a top secret US government project, and it’s subsequent approval for use in Europe and North America in the 80’s and 90’s. Today, thousands of veterans across the globe suffering the lasting effects of mefloquine toxicity, and are looking for justice through litigation, but simply covering the financial costs won’t make up for the horror these people live each and every day, from the the time they first took the drug, and likely until the day they die.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and the Global Compact on Migration

It’s a part of the Global Compact on migration that you seldom if ever hear about, yet remittances play a major role in it. Remittances from Canada account for 1% of the GDP of the Philippines, while rules put in place to protect jobs in Canada are ignored, while thousands in Alberta have languished in unemployment for two years or more. For those who ever thought it wouldn’t do damage to the economy had better think again, and have a read at my report on this when it comes out.

Stay tuned, and please donate.

It takes a bit of work to put stuff like this together, so please be patient, and above all, please support me so that I can continue performing the research that will allow me to bring you the truth. Groceries and coffee are always a good thing to have in this line of work, so I’d like to secure a steady supply of both if I could. It would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, I’m going to find out if there are any fundraising efforts to help support the litigation efforts here in Canada. If and when I get this information, I’d also ask you to contribute to that as well.


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