More on the Austin Texas veteran suicide at a VA facility.

Veteran 411

12 April 2019: Benjamin Krause published: Austin VA Veteran Suicide Witness, ‘It Was Just A Big Clusterf**k’

“The scene of the Austin VA suicide this week turned into “a big clusterf**k” according to one onlooker at the facility.

One veteran in crisis walking into the busy lobby of the Austin VA Clinic and shot himself following a meeting with a patient advocate. At least 100 people were reportedly in the lobby with 20-30 staff standing around.

One witness described the VA staff “that were just standing around gawking not doing a damn thing.” The nurses were reportedly standing around watching for at least 30 minutes.

“It was just a big clusterf**k of a situation that could have been handled in a better manner and just shows that the VA doesn’t have its sh*t together and can drive Veterans over the edge.”

Veteran Background

The veteran who committed suicide apparently received his…

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