Breaking News: 8 Canadian Veterans Sue Government

“Mefloquine Cowboy” Shaun Arntsen among first plaintiffs.

A group of 8 Canadian veteran’s is taking the federal government to court for damages that occurred as a result of their being ordered to take the toxic anti-malarial medication mefloquine, also know by the brand name Lariam.

The $10 million they are asking for their ruined lives is still less than the amount convicted terrorist Omar Khadr received from the government. The government is also going to be fighting the veteran’s in court much harder than they did Khadr, so I don’t expect a settlement anytime soon. (Opinion)

These first eight will open the door to what will likely be claims by thousands more who were left with damage to their brain-stems as a result of chronic quinoline encephalopathy, or quinism. The disease is often mistakenly diagnosed as PTSD due to the similarity of symptoms and the fact that it could be concomitant with it. Specialized screening and testing is necessary to diagnose it.

In a surprise video posted to his Facebook page tonight veteran and quinism advocate Shaun Arntsen announced that he is one of the first eight. For Arntsen and his fellow plaintiffs, this isn’t just about being compensated for their lifelong injuries, this is about holding the government to account. This is about the government doing the right thing.

More to follow…

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