Coming Soon: Nutrition & Exercise The Key To A Better Quality Of Life

Whether you’re a Quinhead or not, this applies to you.

Disclaimer lest I lose my ass in costly litigation: I am NOT a doctor, have never been a doctor, or attended medical school for that matter. I haven’t even gone to medical school. Please do not consider this to be medical advice. ALWAYS consult with your physician before undertaking any lifestyle changes such as starting an exercise regimen. Do NOT stop taking any medication your doctor has prescribed for you without first consulting them.

I haven’t even played a doctor on T.V., although I did play a parody version of a Canadian cabinet minister once. What I am, or at least I like to think I am anyway, is observant, and what I have been observing is worth sharing, and sooner rather than later.

From the observations I have made to this point, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that nutrition and exercise are critical to a better quality of life when you have quinism.

Right now most of you are thinking “No shit, Derek, everyone would be better off with a better diet and a little exercise”, and while this is true, it seems to be especially the case when you have quinism.

Watch for the rest of the article, to be published soon.

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