You Can Help Mike & Tim Achieve Their Goals. Here’s How.

You can do your part in the effort to spread quinism awareness by opening your home for an evening.

Mike Rude, courtesy Facebook

There are a number of ways that one can show support for a cause. The most obvious one of course is financially and there isn’t a cause out there that will turn down financial support.

But, there is another way that one can back a good cause other than financially, and that is by making a donation of your self. Volunteering is another way that you can show your support. A gift of your time, a hot meal, a hot shower, a bed for the night, or any or all of the above would go a long way.

For all you veterans out there, it would be an awesome way of helping out your brothers in their time of greatest need, and your kindness would be very greatly appreciated.

Mike Rude

I am going to be going over things with Mike next week to talk about his plans for the tour, so watch for that information to come out in the next few days. He’s getting the pre-trip maintenance done on the truck, and starting to work out his plan of attack.

A tune-up and new wheels in preparation for a cross-country journey.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown, courtesy Facebook

For Tim Brown, fighting quinism is a daily battle, but it is one he has learned is worth the fight. He trains and exercises daily, and is now extremely conscious of the importance of nutrition in the fight against the brain disease.

He mission is to spread awareness not only of quinism, but of the hope its sufferers have of living a better quality of life.

His plan is to get on his bicycle on June 22nd and head for Edmonton. From there, where Tim goes will be entirely up to you. You see, Tim’s original plan was to bike his way from Vernon, B.C. to Edmonton, Alberta.

However, he’s also willing to take on a challenge and go further if it is possible.

This is where you come in.

A good soul in eastern Quebec sent me a message letting me know that he would offer up a hot shower, a hot meal, and a bed for the night. I passed the information along and then got to thinking.

Something like this would help both Mike and Tim immensely. Neither have the sponsorship of wealthy patrons and are doing this themselves, with their own time, effort , and yes, money. To know that they would have your support would mean so much to them, and it will help them plan their tours as they try to connect with as many veterans as possible.

If you would be willing to help, send an email to, or message me on Facebook (Derek Bodner or the International mefloquine/tafenoquine Advocacy Network) and I will pass it along.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Any way that would be able to help Mike, Tim, and the rest of our veterans will go a long way to saving lives, and would be very greatly appreciated by them and their families.


2 thoughts on “You Can Help Mike & Tim Achieve Their Goals. Here’s How.

  1. I don’t see a date for Edmonton?

    Make it an event say Kingsway Legion.

    I would imagine Edmonton will be a rich environment for housing and a free meal. Just let me know a date if I’m in town you are more than welcome.

    Best of luck


  2. I am in Kingston, Ontario. If you are going through here, I can give you a hot meal (home cooked), a shower and a bed for the night. If it helps us Mefloquine Vets, I’m here for you…


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