Memorial Day: Honoring those who gave their lives for their countries because they believed in something bigger than themselves!

As we pause for a moment to honour the memories of our fallen neighbours, let us also remember those fallen whose battles never ended. Those who came home broken by what they had seen, and heard , and smelled, and tasted. Those whose minds, bodies, and spirits were broken not by enemies foreign or domestic, but by the governments they swore to protect and defend. May their sould rest easy, knowing that they haven’t been forgotten, and that the battles to come will be fought in their name.

Veteran 411

Today we honor those who died while serving their country. Here in the U.S., we tend to think we are the only ones that exist, that we are the only ones who give everything up because we are patriotic or because we think we are better than every other country. Truth is, sometimes the ego that lies within each American forgets that the term ‘veteran’ knowns no specific country of origin, just as they forget that there are many people who have died in battle. Memorial day is the day to remember your fallen.

I have buried too many ‘brothers’ who I had served with. Some may say that getting killed trying to protect their country is stupid because their country does not care about them and on some level that may be correct, however, it is up to each individual to make peace with their service if they survive…

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