Mefloquine Stories: Anthony

Anthony Moore is one of Ireland’s leading advocate/veterans, and is leading the charge against Lariam on the Emerald Isle. A former diver in the Irish Navy, he started the Facebook group Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers 9 years ago, and it was there that I saw a post that I knew I had to share. Again, I will only edit for formatting purposes, and I have added the pictures. The words are all Anthony’s.

MISSION STATEMENT: (from Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers Facebook group page)

The aim of this campaign is three fold as outlined below;

1. To secure the immediate ceasing of the issue of Mefloquine (Lariam) to Irish Soldiers serving in theatre at present and have a Toxicology analysis carried out and it’s findings published.

2. To have all serving personnel who were prescribed Mefloquine (Lariam), psychiatrically & physically assessed confidentially, tested for toxins of the drug, treated and provided with counselling if required. 

3. To set up a counselling service for Veterans who were prescribed Mefloquine (Lariam) while serving, with a view to having them tested for Toxins of the drug.

Lad’ and Ladies, I know it can be very hard to accept mental health problems and the last thing anyone wants to do is tell their story of what they are going through. I did not want to come out in the open and put my family in the front line but I did it so others would know they are not on their own.

Since putting this story out there I have got so many calls some not ever knowing of our page or even knowing there was other Soldiers suffering the same pain as they are. One call was from a person that was in Rwanda in ’94 and again in one of the DF’s African missions later on. He has being suffering for years and only today realise he not on his own.

The other problems I got was the family problems, Family love one’s telling me that their love ones has come back from Africa after being on Lariam and have completely change for the worst. Why I’m putting this up is because of what they told me all telling the same story. The anger & aggression in them, moodswings, paranioa, the use of drugs to try and keep themselves right, but this will only last for so long.

Some are good at hiding the truth of what they are going through from their friends and family and covering up the abuse. I’m not asking others to come out and tell their story but what I wont accept is abuse to your love ones because your not man enough to go and get help or talk to someone of what your going through. Not everyone is like this.

So I’m asking all those on this page to share this post to your friends so they can’t say they did not know about the page, let them know there is someone out there willing to help. In one case the media was the next stop and who will blame them. So if you call yourself a friend please share.

A lot of soldiers need to share this because those I’m talking about is serving right beside you, don’t wait until it is to late. Some of you are great friends to who I’m talking about.


In an announcement made on January 11th, 2020, the Irish Defense Ministry said that soldiers would now have the option of choosing another anti-malarial over Lariam. This was a huge victory for Anthony and Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers. Those efforts are what initiated this change and will save the lives of many soldiers in the future.

If you have a mefloquine or tafenoquine story that you would like to tell, send it to and I will publish it for you.

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