Calgary Property Tax Protest

Monday, June 10th, 2019. 7:30am. In front of city hall. Bring your tax bill.

Calgary Small Business Rally - Come Hell or High Taxes.png

Are you happy now, Mr. Nenshi? Your inability to run this city has led directly to this. You have without a doubt proven that academics with egos the size of the planet do an abysmal job of running a city.

Calgary Small Business Rally - Keep Calgary Open.png

I have a question for you Mayor. How is it that in a downtown with an office vacancy rate like we have, property values seem to have increased? And by a LOT. Who is making these assessments up?

Calgary Small Business Rally - I love YYC Small Biz.png

How many more businesses are going to be forced to close or relocate? This city has already been crippled by economic blight, and now you and your cohorts on council are about to kill it dead. Your job is to ATTRACT business remember? How is this going to attract more businesses to come to Calgary?

Calgary Small Business Rally - In This Together.png

Such things are not priorities for you however. your interests lie in building the Nenshi Legacy, whatever that may be. At one point it was going to be the 2026 Winter Olympics, until the people of this city rightly shot that to pieces before your eyes.

Calgary Small Business Rally - Grow Local.png

Calgary businesses are joining together to send you and you colleagues a message on Monday morning, and I’ll be joining them. I’m inviting all Calgarian,s whether you pay property/business taxes or not to come and join the protest. Remember, those higher proerty taxes will get passed along to consumers/renters. This effects everyone.

Calgary Small Business Rally - Here to Stay.png

Premier Kenney has said that he would not fire you and this dysfunctional council, as would be his prerogative. Perhaps enough of a sustained cry from the electorate might change his mind. Even if it doesn’t, it will still serve to remind Calgarians of your incompetence for the next two and a half years until the next municipal election.

Save Calgary hasn’t died out yet, in fact I’d say it’s stronger than ever thanks to you. The number of groups and individuals, like myself, who are going to take a public stand against you will only continue to grow.

Join me on Monday, June 10th at 7:30 am, to support small business and send a message to the mayor and council.

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