International Quinism Awareness Day, September 19th, 2019

Call to action in cities across the globe.

On September 19th, 2019, the third Veterans Mefloquine Rally will take place in Ottawa. One of its primary goals is to increase awareness about mefloquine within the veteran community in Canada, in order to educate them and hopefully, save some of their lives.

Sadly, Canadian veterans and their families aren’t the only ones whose lives have been destroyed by this toxic drug. In the United States and several other countries around the world other military veterans along with their families are experiencing the same thing.

Another anti-malarial drug, tafenoquine (Krintafel), was tested on a group of Australian troops, and the results indicate that this drug is even more dangerous than mefloquine. Some of those test subjects had taken BOTH mefloquine and tafenoquine.

Civilians also welcome

An overwhelming number of those effected by mefloquine were in the military, however a great many civilians have also had their lives forever changed because of it. These are people who volunteered to do humanitarian work, or were required to travel to a malaria zone for business, or vacationers who wanted to see exotic locations. They have been without a voice and deserve the opportunity to ask for justice.

So the time has come to spread the message of the Ottawa rally around the world. On September 19th, I’m hoping that around the world people will rally in their national capitals. If they can’t make it to their national capital then a protest at the federal building in their town or city would do just fine.

A global effort.

In Ireland, there is a large and determined group of veterans who have been working hard for years to spread awareness and seek justice for what has happened to them. I’m calling on them to rally in Dublin on September 19th, or at their nearest federal government building if they are unable to make the trip.

Veterans in Australia also have a very strong voice, and I am hoping that some will be able to get together in Canberra and/or the provincial capitals.

Whether you are in Washington D.C. , Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, or any other city or town. Make a sign and take a stand. Demand to be heard and let the world know what happened to you. Let those in power know that you are out there and you will not be going away.

Together, we can be loud enough for the whole world to hear our message.


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