Exclusive Coming Soon!!! The Aussie Files: Scandal Of Embarrassing Proportions

A former army attorney faces 60 years in prison for leaking secret documents……that exposed a government misdeed.

David McBride outside court in Canberra today. Picture Gary Ramage

Earlier this week I pulled an article I wrote on the Australian Federal Police raids of ABC and and Australian journalist. I wrote it using various articles from the “mainstream” media as source material, thinking I was getting accurate, factual information.

After hearing that pretty much the entire article was pure unadulterated crap, I deleted it, and decided to start over and look into what was really at the heart of the matter. From all appearances the Australian media have made a complete mess of this story, and it might not be unintentional.

From where I’m sitting some thirteen and a half thousand kilometers away, it looks to me like the media is working in concert with the government, acting as its de facto agent in a campaingn to obfuscate the truth.

Watch for the rest of this shocking and revealing story soon.

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