Fellow service-members still need our help!

Veteran 411

Today, 13 June 2019, Derek Bodner from The Advocate-Equalizer published: International Network Needs Help Getting Established In Europe.

It seems that Derek has uncovered information showing that troops across the globe are STILL being given Mefloquine, despite the ongoing research of the horrific side-effects that have presented themselves.

As many veterans will tell you, when you are in the military you do NOT get an option to say “naaahhhh I don’t think I want to take that medication” because that is a quick way to receive a lot of negative attention and possible reduction in rank and worse. Are we guinea pigs? We sure are, and in some cases there are no side-effects, or if there are they might have been subtle and be the type that come and go without raising concerns by the soldier.

Derek is pursuing anyone who served in the military and have had their…

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