Another Irish Veteran Sues Government Over Mefloquine Poisoning

Anthony Moore Prescribed Lariam While With Irish Defense Forces

On the first day of summer, 2019, the Irish Times reported that Irish veteran Anthony Moore has launched legal action against the Irish Minister of Defence and the Attorney General.

The personal injury damage claim states that the defendants were ” negligent and failed to take reasonable steps or precautions for his health and safety by prescribing and administering Lariam to him.”

The 25 year member of the Irish Defence Force was given mefloquine, which goes by the brand name Lariam, while on a United Nations deployment to Africa in 2005-06 and again in 2008. Since then, he has suffered from a number of debilitating neurological side-effects, due to the damage inflicted by the drug on his brain stem and vestibular system.

The Irish government is seeking to have the case dismissed based on Moore’s delay in brining the action, among other grounds.

The case is to be heard in High Court before Mr. Justice David Keane, and is expected to last for several weeks.

I will be monitoring this closely and will be providing updates regularly.

Give ’em Hell, Tony!

2 thoughts on “Another Irish Veteran Sues Government Over Mefloquine Poisoning

  1. Awesome job getting this information out! It is greatly needed and my hope is that the world opens their eyes and realize that corruption, deceit and deadly decisions know no borders! We in the U.S. military had to take Mefloquine, which was mandatory for deployment, Canadian military and the Irish military and I am quite positive that we all had the same situation: taking it was not an option, it was an order.

    My hope is that governments start to take charge and implement actions immediately, but it would take political leaders with morals and ethics and great intestinal fortitude (which is not rampant in the U.S.)! Keep tracking on this brother, I will keep my eyes and ears open and hopefully between the U.S., Canada and Ireland us veterans who actually care and are not afraid to pursue changes and truths, we will be able to make this happen! Keep towing that line!


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