In This Together

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What can I say, the man is hitting it out of the park here. The text and image are Shaun’s, I contributed the headings.

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What’s Mefloquine poisoning look like? Well bro it’s a lot like PTSD. With some very common physical symptoms. Heartburn, tinnitus, “morning sickness”, rage, depression and suicidal ideology. Like I mean crazy ideology.

I’m Shaun Arntsen by the way and Im suing Canada for negligence in their use of this drug on soldiers, sailors and airmen from 1989-2106.

I’ve walked this Mefloquine road for 17 years misdiagnosed. The struggle for me over those years was real. The anger would be so intense it scared myself. At times I believed a suicide pact with myself would keep that evil away.

I worked every day in every available treatment that was there in a true desire to get better. Failing all the time, the depression would consume my soul. Once I understood what was wrong with me. That I had a physical injury to my brain not a psychological issue the ability to grow and move forward has been exponential.

If you took Mefloquine and this sounds familiar. The toss and turning in your sleep, the heartburn, and the PTSD like symptoms. Drop us a line and we can guide you to help and direction for well being.

I’ve learned this and it’s simple. This struggle is like humping with heavy weapons. Your shoulders hurt, you legs tremble, your body aches under this weight. BUT, you always made it to the RV didn’t you? One foot in front of the other. No matter how badly your mind wanted the pain to stop you got there. One foot in front of the other. All the way.

That’s how we get out of this misery, one foot in front of the other. Eventually you’ll get to the RV. It feels like your sitting on the edge of misery and despair I know it, I’m here with ya. Now we now the problem, let’s got out of here together. Follow me! I know the way out of here.

We got this and we aren’t gonna let you suffer alone anymore. We all know it’s much better to suffer together.

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