Lawsuit against drug company!!!

Veteran 411

Derek Bodner from The Advocate Equalizer published an article today (3 July 2019): “BEAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Veteran Files Suit in California Court Against Roche Pharmaceuticals

The court document is below:

California homeless veterans sues drug company for knowingly producing an anti-malaria drug (Lariam) despite knowing it had negative side-effects.

So now, we no longer have to worry about just the Mefloquine, but Lariam as well. That’s perfect! Another example of ‘Big Pharm’ making millions/trillions off of the deaths and quality of life of our military (military from around the world). These people need to be hung from their toes and force-fed the same drugs to see how they like it. I have nothing further to say since this only provokes negative emotions towards these folks.

Derek also published:
Brain Damage, Vestibular Disturbance and Quinism” which is appropriate since the above article also touches on the…

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