The Rude Awakening Tour Road Report

July 8 – 13, Up North.

No photo description available.

Mike started out the Rude Awakening Tour with stops across B.C. and Alberta, aside from a weekend in Regina Beach that is. This week he’s driving through the north, with scheduled stops in:

  • Watson Lake, YT
  • Whitehorse, YT
  • Dawson City, YT
  • Ft. McPherson, NWT
  • Inuvik, NWT
  • Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

Mike and Spark are still in Fort St. John, B.C. at the time of this writing. Mike took Spark in to see a vet after she appeared unwell. The vet removed something that looks like grass which had become lodged in her throat, triggering her gag reflex. Happily she is going to be just fine, and is currently relaxing back at the hotel with Mike.

Follow Mike and Spark on Facebook as they make their way across this great land, seeing some old friends, making some new ones, and spreading awareness about the drug that changed his life forever.

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