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Over the course of the last few months I have had the opportunity to communicate with veterans from around the world, the vast majority of whom suffer from quinism. No matter where they are, these vets all tell the same story, and it’s not just about the way mefloquine ruined their lives.

It is a very sad statement to make, but it seems as though veterans universally are given short shrift by their governments, and by society as a whole. The men and women whose sense of national duty compelled them to place their lives on the line for their countries, are not given the care and recognition they so rightly deserve.

They are given insufficient benefits and resources to take care of their needs, and have to fight through a seeming endless bureacracy to those that that do receive. Men and women who will carry the trauma of their service with them for the rest of their lives, are nowhere near adequately cared for. Because of this thousands die every year at their own hand, no longer able to carry on their fight.

Our veterans deserve so much better than this, and this is what I am fighting for. I’m standing up for those whom nobody else has stood up for to tell their stories, to let everyone know that what has happened before and is happening now is not right, and that things need to change.

These are things that will not be heard in the mainstream media, and as such it is important that people like myself and Veteran411 do what we do.

Veteran411 is my colleague and compatriot from the United States. He’s one of the many thousands of vets in the United States who have been poisoned by mefloquine, at the hands of their own government. He covers the VA beat, keeping tabs on the shenanigans of a government department that is known for its shenanigans. He writes from his own experiences, and he passes his first hand knowledge along to other vets who are having difficulty with the VA, and those who have yet to experience it.

But he doesn’t limit himself to just covering the VA, and his insightful articles and commentary help bring light to those things that don’t get talked about, but really should. Give him a follow and show some support for someone who’s looking out for his brothers and sisters in the U.S., and around the world.

With your support, we’ll be able to keep providing you with the information and news that is important to you, and we can continue fighting for veterans everywhere.


Veteran 411

There are so many topics of interest for veterans and whistleblowers that there is no human way to track all of them. What does this mean? This means that for the average veteran out there, the only news they may see or receive is from a social media posting and even then it could only be one or two topics. There is a plethora of items of interest for veterans and VA whistleblowers, much of which fades off into the distance.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is keen on controlling which information gets passed around, plus the VA ensures their PR department heads off any ‘horrific’ stories with tactics they have honed over the years. Such as with the veteran who had died because VA police had slammed him to the ground. What was he doing wrong? He was returning to the VA hospital because his surgical site had…

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