Previous incidences of discrimination at same location. Some disturbing allegations are emerging.

I received new information this morning that has completely changed the tone and direction of this matter. As a result I am calling for an all out boycott on all Tim Horton’s locations effective immediately.

I will have further details in a couple of days, I’ll need some time to verify a couple of things and write what I have found out, but this is NOT the first time this particular Tim Horton’s location has discriminated against a service animal team.

I got a message from Les Landry, an advocate and founder of Respect the Service Dog, who told me of his experience a few years ago, almost to the day that Sgt. Rude and Spark had their experience at that Tim Horton’s.

I’ll be writing a detailed article on Les and his story at a later date, but I would encourage you to visit his Facebook page.

If you read the online reviews, you’ll also notice that this location isn’t known for service with a smile either. Providing outstanding customer service, or any level of customer service at all, seems to be next to impossible at the store in Redcliffe, Alberta.

Send Tim Horton’s a message.

I’ll have more to say about this soon, but until then, please, boycott Tim Horton’s and send them a message that you won’t stand for this discrimination.

Chief Executive Officer at Restaurant Brands International

Jose Cil

President, Tim Hortons

Alex Macedo

Same-store sales at Tim Hortons fell 0.3 percent during the first quarter. Analysts had expected the brand to post same-store sales growth of 0.7 percent, according to StreetAccount.

Schwartz blamed increased competition in the coffee space as well as negative media coverage of Tim Hortons’ reported tensions with some franchisees in Canada over management practices for the slip.

Tim Hortons’ owner is ‘not happy’ with the brand, eyes major turnaround

Unfortunately Mr. Macedo, I don’t think that this most recent incident isn’t going to help much with the company’s media image.

The local owners

EIWM Holdings started in 1992 as a family business run by Eric, Wally and Marlies Wirzba. They bought into the Tim Hortons franchise and began operating the downto

wn Tim Hortons in Medicine Hat with just a few staff. Today, 25 years later, the Wirzbas operate eight Tim Hortons locations with No. 9 on its way before the end of 2017 on Strachan Road. EIWM Holdings currently employs more than 250 people locally.

Wirzba family celebrates 25 years of operating Tim Hortons In Medicine Hat


If I lived in the Medicine Hat/Redcliffe area I would probably organize a protest at any of the local Tim Horton’s next Saturday (hint, hint). I would hope that other similar protests would pop up across the country as well, so that Restaurant Brands International, Tim Horton’s, and EIWM Holdings will understand that what has happened is not acceptable. Unless & until corrective action is taken and changes are made, I will continue calling for a boycott of Tim Horton’s

Have you had an experience like this?

If you are part of a service dog team that has been denied service or entrance at this or any other Tim Horton’s location, drop me a line at or leave me a message on here.

Regarding Sgt.(ret.) Mike Rude

I will be acting as Mike Rude’s advocate in this matter, and any inquiries in this matter will be handled by myself.

On his behalf I will also be filing a complaint reporting a violation of the Service Dogs Act of Alberta, as well as a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Tim Horton’s Really Blew It This Time

Alberta Service Dog Act

Respect The Service Dog Facebook Page

4 thoughts on “BOYCOTT TIM HORTON’S!!

  1. Thank you, Derek Bodner, for bringing this issue forward.
    People are not aware of the discrimination and the struggles people with disabilities have with their service dogs…


  2. This is really sad that this has happened again. No excuse at all. Only 2 years earlier a very similar situation, you would think that the employees would have been made aware of this type of situation. Hopefully Tim Horton’s in Redcliff gets the message sooner than later. Hopefully no one else needs to go through this traumatic experience.

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  3. I just got a call from the Alberta Human Rights Commission. They told me that my case against the Redcliff Tim Hortons has been assigned to a conciliator and I’ll be receiving some registered mail in the next couple of weeks.
    This is a result of Tim Hortons kicking me out three years ago because of Annie, my service dog.


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