Customer service is no longer a priority!

Some much appreciated support from our American friends who stand with us. The word will be spread to those states with Tim Horton’s locations, and will make this an international effort.

Veteran 411

5 Aug 2019: Derek Bodner, The Advocate-Equalizer, published the article: “Behind The Boycott of Tim Horton’s” and is a topic that appears throughout the world.

It seems that businesses today no longer care for actual customer service. Business staff treat customers as their own personal whipping posts, while sneering at legitimate questions, ignoring requested assistance and going to extremes to belittle others. I had worked in customer service many moons ago, and I can remember many customers who really worked my nerves and were outwardly rude just for the sake of being rude, yet I treated that person like a valuable asset to the business. Did I want to throw those people out? Yes indeed, but instead I remained professional and did not let it show that it was getting to me. That made these people look even worse.

Fast forward to today and you have young men…

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