Evidence Destroyed In Midst Of Somalia Inquiry

Documents containing words ‘Airborne Regiment’ shredded prior to mass search.

What Did He Know?, Page 16 | APRIL 15, 1996 | Maclean's


In April of 1996 the Somalia Commission of Inquiry, led by Justice Gilles Letourneau, was hearing testimony from the then Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Jean Boyle. He was evasive in his answers and his overall demeanor hinted that he was being far from truthful in his responses.

It had been revealed by the commission that a number of documents, which were of vital importance to the inquiry, had either gone missing or had been altered. In an over the top response, Boyle announced that all but essential DND personnel would spend the day searching for these documents on April 9th, but to no avail.

I have been contacted by someone who tells me that sometime prior to this day, they were ordered to shred any document that contained the words “Airborne Regiment”. They do not recall exactly who it was that gave them the order, but they do remember that it was coming from somewhere “high up”.

This person has asked to remain anonymous, and I will not reveal anything about where they worked or the job they did, but I am satisfied that they are who they say they are. This is not the first time that I have heard this, however it is the first time that I have not heard it second hand. I heard it right from the source this time, so now I’m going to publish it and let the chips fall where they may.

This exercise would have been taking place at every Canadian Forces base and station, by a large number of people. It’s possible that some of those people may have just forgotten about it, or it could be that everyone was ordered to keep quiet about it, or both I’m not entirely sure what exactly went on. What I do know is that orders were given and documents were destroyed, documents that were important evidence in an the Somalia Commission of Inquiry.

CV of General Joseph Édouard Jean BOYLE, CMM, CD

The Somalia Inquiry MUST be re-opened.

By the admission of the disgraced former CDS Boyle, documents were altered, and now we know many were also destroyed, most likely at his behest. His call to have the entire military search high and low for the missing documents was disingenuous, a feeble attempt to salvage a reputation that was being ripped to shreds.

There is absolutely NO QUESTION, the Somalia Commission of Inquiry must be re-seated, it would be a travesty for it not to. Key evidence relating to mefloquine has not been heard and the matter of the cover-up absolutely needs to be addressed. This is not ancient history, and now is the time to set the record straight, while most of the participants are still alive to give sworn testimony.

The men of the Airborne Regiment that had their reputations torn to shreds deserve to have them restored. Yes, racism was rampant within it, but not every man had that in his heart. I firmly believe that were it not for the influence of mefloquine, the incidents that happened in Somalia would not have happened.


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