Australian Media Continues To Miss Mark In Whistleblower Case

Is it that they just can’t see the big picture, or have they become a part of it?

In a video Thursday on the website of the Daily Telegraph, former army lawyer Maj. David McBride defiantly stated that given the opportunity to do it over again he would, speaking of the actions which now have him facing the possibility of 60 years in prison.

He is accused of passing secret documents to the media, documents that he says show that the Australian government engaged in illegal activities which resulted in the deaths of ADF personnel in Afghanistan.

But, once again, the media have completely missed the point, and mischaracterized Major McBride’s actions and intent. They are instead characterizing it thusly: “August 22, 2019. Military lawyer David McBride who blew the whistle on alleged war crimes by Australian troops in Afghan…”. If this continues it will only serve to obscure the truth from the Australian public at large.

A man’s life is at stake for God’s sake, you at least owe it to him to report the story accurately. The media’s place in a democratic society is to unbiasedly report the news, not to become the news.

Do better Daily Telegraph, do better all of you, mainstream journalists. This is democracy you are dealing with, and the people deserve nothing less than your best.

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