Tune In To W5 On Saturday, October 19th At 7pm on CTV

A filmcrew from CTV’s long-running news magazine was at the rally in Ottawa last month.

This Saturday evening at 7pm, W5, one of Canada’s premier news magazine programs, is running a story on the legal action that hundreds of Canadian veterans are launching against the federal government.

While we were in Ottawa last month a crew from W5 filmed some background shots and conducted interviews with some people including Marj Matchee and Mike Rude, who I have been on the road with for the last week and a half.

And, in a stunning development, it was announced today that retired General Romeo Dallaire has decided to add his name to the list of plaintiffs who are taking the government to court, and to task. Having someone with a profile as high as Dallaire could most certainly prove to be a game changer.

Tune in to your CTV affilliate on Saturday night at 7PM, or download the CTV News app to watch it anytime after.

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