Information About Mefloquine You Can Provide To Your Doctor or Medical Professionals

Links to appropriate academic articles.

One of the biggest hurdles facing those with quinism is the current lack of knowledge about it within the medical community at large. Most of those with quinism have found that their family doctor’s and other healthcare professionals either lack knowledge of the subject, or are skeptical about it. Something that is frequently asked is “what information is there that I can/should provide to my family doctor about quinism?”

Links For Valuable Articles

I have listed a few journal articles that patients can give to their medical professional that will provide valuable information to them. You can either copy and paste the links below to give to them or download and print a hard copy to give to them.

These articles were written by Dr. Remington Nevin of the Quinism Foundation.

Screening for Symptomatic Mefloquine Exposure Among Veterans With Chronic Psychiatric Symptoms

Remington L. Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH

A journal article by Remington l. Nevin on, website available only to medical professionals.

This is a journal article from India dated January 24, 2020. The bottom line of this is that mefloquine can destroy cells in a particular part of the brain.

Mefloquine binding to human acyl-CoA binding protein leads to redox stress-mediated apoptotic death of human neuroblastoma cells.

Kumar A1Ghosh DK2Ranjan A3.


It may also be helpful to provide a link for the Quinism Foundation as well.

Pass This Information On To Others

Be sure to share this information with everyone. Should I be made aware of more information that will prove to be of assistance to you, I will keep you updated.


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