Ironic Liberal Staffer Wants Social Distancing Scofflaws Shot By Sniper

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds

Liberal staffer says those who break social distancing should be shot by snipers

Yet again another Liberal staffer has managed to put both feet in his mouth as The Post Millennial reports Mark Elyas, a federal Liberal riding executive, posted controversial comments on his Facebook page about people who break social distancing rules. He said:

“Shoot people on sight who defy curfews (snipers can be posted anywhere about 2 kilometres from targets. That will kill the spread of the virus and then we can go back to normalThis fool has made other stst

Mark Elyas Facebook Page

This isn’t the first time he’s made foolish statements on Facebook either. In a 2018 post he says “Trump supporters are pieces of shit.”

Courtesy: Facebook

Wrong on so many levels

I mean where to begin? The fact that he’s calling for the execution of Canadian citizens by snipers? While his boss is bandying about a ban on firearms? This absolutely disgusts me on so many levels too.

Be wary my friends

Governments like to seize opportunities like this to strip citizens of their rights, and it’s happening here in Canada. We need to be extra cautious now, so that we don’t lose any more.

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