We Got Your Six: Hiram Ropson

With Marj Matchee and Special Guest Host Mike Rude.

One of our brothers needs our help. Click on the GoFundMe link below to donate.

We are asking for our veteran community to help out one of our own.!
The Rude Awakening Tour and We Got Your Six with Marj & Kentrina are promoting a GoFundMe page Veteran Hiram Ropson. Please listen and share his story so we can begin the process as this is a timely matter.

A little goes a long way #inthistogether

Hiram is raising money for reconstructive surgeries on his windpipe and voice box, resulting from prolonged intubation from pancreatitis in 2019.  Surgeries will be performed in late summer out of province and when the travel band is lifted, additional procedures out of the country. 

Hiram is a hardworking and giving man that typically would not ask others for financial assistance but unfortunately is in a position where he has no other option.  He has been unemployed since hospitalization, denied disability, and even after MCP reimbursement, he will still have to bare 80% of the cost. 

These surgeries are desperately needed to repair his speech and allow him to breathe…

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!



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