Philip Brooks – #fallenathome

One Canadian veteran’s years-long battle against VAC and an uncaring insurance industry.

Capt.(Ret.) Philip Brooks is a friend and brother who has been fighting the system for years. Like thousands of other veterans, he has been put through the ringer by uncaring bureaucrats in Veterans Affairs Canada and the insurance industry. He is left to suffer, having to languish in a nightmare that he must endure day after day with no respite. But, he wakes up every day ready to fight this battle no matter how broken and battered his body and brain.

He posted the following on Facebook earlier this morning.

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This is where I live with my also brain-injured and vulnerable partner sharing a single room without reliable internet or phone service (Wilberforce does not have reliable cell Service). No laundry facilities and far from now-suspended medical treatments. We count ourselves lucky because we feel safe away from Covid and because we ended up in such a kind and caring community of beautiful down-to-Earth real Canadians.

I don’t know how to invert the Canadian flag but it really should be flown upside down today.

After 11 months of threatening my pain-reducing and functionally-critical doctor prescribed medication… a nameless faceless insurance company drone pushed a button and a non-accountable greyly worded denial spits out once again. “You can have half of what your doctors say you need” is what it said.

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 My morning hello and three times a day…when the Government of Canada deems fit to give me my medicine…or not.
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This is how we hand wash our clothes and sheets and towels.

Six times my doctors submitted to Blue Cross strongly worded supporting documentation as if they had nothing else to do with their medical expertise.

Those at Blue Cross and the many drones dragging their hateful bodies out of bed for a paycheque no matter what they are told to do. I’m not entirely unsympathetic. I can’t imagine living their lives and that is one of the carefully considered reasons why with a university degree and established career success already under my belt I made the choice to commit my life, and my family’s life, to military service for Canada.

Only to be one seriously injured in service, on duty, and ever since relegated to deal with non-military vacuous boring inconsequential office worker existences at soulless Canadian insurance empires.

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One of the many times per day I must simply take to the floor because I cannot hold my own weight up for long.

It has to be rough on the soul working at those bloodless places. No doubt they hate and resent their senseless inhuman make-work lives yet they continue to take their pay and pad their pensions and take their vacations… and abuse silenced veterans grudgingly and conditionally paying for only half my prescription medicine after cutting me off by 70% for an entire year and repeatedly putting me into grave physical distress and danger. And my family. Multiple time put into serious unnecessary medical distress. Their negligent cruel actions have caused me and my family accidents and injury.

So… to the sub-human make-work drones parasiting on Veteran blood, and especially to the nameless faceless bloodless drone who pushed the big red button to cut me off while I lie in terrible pain every single day…I am going to find you. And I am going to name you and shame you in public. I will hold your cruel behaviour out to public ridicule and that of your boss and their boss. Time to protest the insurance parasites abusing and killing Canadian veterans.

These bored unhappy worker drones are harming Canadian Veterans in the dark; hidden from real Canadians who CARE about our men and women in uniform. You are violators of Canadian decency and you need to be identified and called out.

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Like Rhonda Fraser, the Manulife insurance adjuster/case manager who at a time I had lost 40% of my body weight and was regularly throwing up in pain, cut me off my LTD that was under contract from Manulife Financial Corporation. When I was out of country getting urgent medical treatment a month after my brother died and two months before my dad succumbed to cancer after a long fight. Twice she hired private detective to follow me and my Canadian service family. Spied on in my own country by my own people. And then when they didn’t find anything they cut me off anyway. Nice. This happens in Canada regularly and it’s called the insurance industry.

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Draining every last precious drop of medicine that against constant grinding pain allows me to breath and to function.

And let’s not forget Saira Ashraf the now-former Veteran Affairs adjuster and case manager who heavy-handedly and cruelly took over my care after Manulife abandoned me…and then also cut my off my military LTD with some insurance drivel quote in a letter “you are not participating in the way you need to”. What does that mean? She left me sick and incapacitated with no means of basic financial support and to sick to look after myself or do anything about it. For nearly three years of starvation sickness and forced deprivation Veterans Affairs ignored my protests and letters and pleas only to wake up for the pandemic. They just turned on my reduced income protection again so I can look for a home and attack the bankrupting debts which built. No back pay and not a word about “sorry we screwed you for three years”. That’s VAC. Unaccountable behemoth.

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I was so sick and in such pain for untreated military injuries that I couldn’t even leave my home or take care of my own basic need each day. It’s no different today. She is fired now apparently.

How many people did she and other poorly-trained irresponsible insurance civilians at Veterans Affairs hurt that they covered up and never did anything for the injured military professionals who she abused before she was caught.

Veterans Affairs does not make mistakes and they do say sorry. It’s a tax grab and we are the bait.

I’m going to find out who took the decision to cut me off and I am going to publish their identity and explore their lives in detail here with you and we will compare what I have done for the country and what they have done for Canada.

It’s the CEO of Manulife who is ultimately responsible and it is the backwater Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence McCauley, the internationally preening Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the well paid carefully appointed backstabbing sellouts like former General Walter Natyncyzk who backstab we who served and make their livelihoods grinding injured veterans under the make-work insurance bus. Nice going. How do you sleep at night. (Ans: On silk pillows.)

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Oh wait, just one more form.
You may appeal this decision within 90 days…

Canada’s injured soldiers are not here to prop up industry. The government is always looking for a spin-off or an exit against their obligations and commitments to Veterans. Unlike prisoners society has a debt to us. How about getting that straight for once and stop looking for how our suffering can benefit you.

Veterans Affairs is an abusive degrading and dehumanizing insurance game and the worst of their incompetence is ONLY applied to our most sickest and most vulnerable; our brave injured. Blue Cross and Manulife more tentacles of the same Hydra.


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Twenty times every two weeks for years.
Large caliber deep needles 500 times a year just so I can walk and stand and sleep and so I can leave my house several times per week to look after life. Like my widowed mom or my wonderful kids struggling to start families and careers with ZERO help from the father who raised and loved them.

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