Losing My Politics

The time has come for a change.

I have followed politics for a long time, locally, nationally, and internationally, and it has become clear to me, just as it has for countless others in Canada, that some drastic changes need to be made in the way we do politics in this country. Policy decisions that will have an effect on the entire electorate are being made by an elite few within the governing parties at the provincial and federal levels. Our elected representatives do not necessarily represent the views of many of the people that voted for them, they are beholden to their parties and the special interests that fund them.

Over time the ideological divide between these various factions has grown to the point that they are now at such extremes that there is no common ground between them. Their “leaders” are followed blindly by supporters who are unwilling to acknowledge even the most blatant lies and criminality on the part of their political saviours. This has done nothing but bring us to the precupice of civil war and unless some very drastic changes are made, and immediately, this country faces the prospect of destruction.

There are those that would say that democracy has failed and that only by embracing socialism will we be able to save our society. I strongly refute this is would suggest that would is needed is a change in the nature of our democracy. Rather than rejecting democracy as a failure I submit that what we need is to change from a Representative Democracy to a Direct Democracy, such as the Swiss have.

Representative Democracy vs. Direct Democracy

In Switzerland the people have a much greater say in what happens in government, and vote in elections and referndums an average of four times per year. At the heart of direct democracy are three electoral instruments available to citizens. These are:

Popular initiative

The popular initiative gives citizens the right to propose an amendment or addition to the Constitution.  It acts to drive or launch a political debate on a specific issue.  For such an initiative to come about, the signatures of 100,000 voters who support the proposal must be collected within 18 months.  The authorities sometimes respond to an initiative with a direct counter-proposal in the hope that a majority of the people and the cantons support that instead.

Optional referendum

The optional referendum allows the people to demand that any bill approved by the Federal Assembly is put to a nationwide vote.  In order to bring about a national referendum, 50,000 valid signatures must be collected within 100 days of publication of the new legislation..

Mandatory referendum

All constitutional amendments approved by parliament are subject to a mandatory referendum, i.e. they must be put to a nationwide popular vote.   The electorate are also required to approve Swiss membership of specific international organisations.

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Back to the Leaderology Lab

It has been a few months since Pat Stogran’s last episode of his Leaderology Lab podcast. He’s been taking some time to enjoy being a grandfather, and I can’t blame him for that at all. I’ve been missing it though and the idea came into my head that perhaps I could give it a shot, and keep the discussion moving forward. I want to define the qualities that real leaders have and examine whether we can see any of these in our politicians today, and to open up a discussion about those things that we need to do in order to make this a better country.

I endorse the Veteran’s Coalition Party.

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It has become abundantly clear that there is no real difference between the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the NDP here in Canada. These parties all represent the same BS that got us into the mess that we are in today. So I am going to be supporting another national alternative in the next election in the form of the Veteran’s Coalition Party Of Canada. Despite being made up of veterans and former first responders the party doesn’t just represent the interests of this particular constituency, it has a plan that will be of benefit to ALL Canadians.

I will also be inviting VCP candidates to speak on the podcast, and because they will not be invited to participate in any of the debates in the next election, I am going to afford them the opportunity to address the debate questions in this forum.

I’ll be talking about this more in the weeks and months ahead in the Leaderology Lab and hope to have things up and running again in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I urge you to consider what I have said here, and to let me know what you think. I hope to have things up and running in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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