Exercise Freedom Together: Just A Walk In The Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park that is.

As an ambassador for this year’s Field Of Crosses Memorial Foundation’s fundraiser Exercise Freedom Together, I’m throwing a challenge out to all the people I know who are physically able to, to walk, run, or bike 3k and then post a selfie with your hand over your heart on social media usingthe hashtag #Exercisefreedomtogether. Today I walked a 3k route in Fish Creek Provincial Park in Southwest Calgary (by the time I was finished and back at home again I had walked over 9k from beginning to end.

Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second largest urban park in Canada and ranks as one of the largest in North America, at over 3,300 acres, and it is less than a kilometer from my home base. All together it has almost 120 km (nealy 75 miles) of pathways, 66 km (just over 40 miles) of which is paved.

Votier’s Flats to Bebo Grove

I selected a location that was 3k away from where I had entered the Park at Votier’s Flats, a place called Bebo Grove.

Starting Line – Votier’s Flats

First bridge
Halfway-near Raven Rocks
Bridge 6
Bridge 4

The Finish Line – Bebo Grove Day Use Area & Stormwater Pond.

For those wondering what ‘Fat Biking” is, think mountain biking only with huge, fat tires. When these things are coming down the pathwahy it literally sounds like a one-ton pick-up truck is heading your way. Great for the unpaved trail network and during the winter time.

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The Challenge

Get together a group of up to 5 people to make a $25 donation to the Field Of Crosses Memorial Foundation. I know a lot of people who like to walk in groups, so the next time you go out for your daily exercise, please remember to #Exercisefreedomtogether.


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