Attention All Canadian Forces Veterans

I need your input for a story I am working on.

I am looking specifically for Canadian Forces veterans who have had any type of negative interaction with police during the course of a “welfare check”. I am looking to hear from as many veterans as possible, so please spread the word with your networks.

I will also be contacting Veteran’s Affairs Canada for information and input, as well as a number of police agencies and mental health advocates across the country for this story. I hope to get as clear a picture of this situation as possible by gathering as much information as I can about it.

You can remain completely anonymous if you so choose and you send your experiences to me on my secure encrypted Protonmail account

9 thoughts on “Attention All Canadian Forces Veterans

  1. Good day sir I’m a veteran of 25 years a few years back I had 72 run-ins with the RCMP in two years some people would say it was a family issue but how I handled it as a soldier with a disability may add to your story my phone number 780 832-2940


  2. Name is john gallant I released in 2015 have had plenty of poor interaction with military police as well as opp. I am in good standings today but definitely can add to your stories I am sure 613-312-9582


  3. I had a few bad experience with the rcmp due to someone from vac not being properly qualify and triggers us then call the cops on us
    I want to help


  4. I moved back to Qc. I called them for help needed to just have a talk. Yeah stupid Idea. 2 cops showed up then another car 2 more cops. They heightened the situation and I flashed back to Bosnia. I broke the top Of stove 3 of them got on top of me even if I already was cuffed the fourth one pepper sprays me two inches form My eyeball Ambulance and all the doc psychiAtrist let me go home after three hours. Following that I had to occasions with them that we’re really out of proportion. Also They took all my rifles and pistols over 30,000$ worth. I got check calls and I did get check outs and any time day or night. More too follow 2 other occasions


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