Calgary Is Beginning To Resemble Seattle A Little Bit More Each Day

Much to its detriment

Seattle elites show little sympathy for a woman raped by a homeless man. |  City Journal

June 29th, 2019

Seattle Is A City In Crisis, And Calgary Could Face A Similar Fate

Calgary, Alberta November 16th, 2020

City eases crackdown on homeless camps amid COVID-19 despite increasing complaints. Officials with the city and homeless shelters say fears over COVID-19 outbreaks in the facilities have led some potential clients to sleep in outdoor campsites even as temperatures plunge

Seattle, Washington November 16th, 2020

The city of Seattle may legalize most misdemeanor crimes. This isn’t an exaggeration. It’s arguably not even the most radical idea introduced by the Seattle City Council.  

Rather, it’s the latest move by politicians growing increasingly dangerous and aloof to concerns in a city spiraling dangerously out of control

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