Veteran Harassment

Stolen Valour Canada wrongfully accused and harassed a Canadian war veteran.

The following is the verbatim text of a Facebook post by Canadian veteran Aaron Bedard, originally posted on Nov.6th, 2020

Hello Friends. I’ve been harassed since the first week of February by an organization called Stolen Valour Canada who have been claiming that I’m wearing a fake medal. They use a fake profile to hide their identity to make contact and threaten to destroy your reputation if you don’t provide documentation. This is referred to as extortion under the criminal code. (Screen capture of dialogue with dates attached).I have my original award letter which I was ready to send to them but discovered they where already posting memes( pictures attached) about the situation making accusations towards me without any evidence on their Twitter and Facebook account:

Within that first month someone made me privy to a secret group that SVC runs called SVC-BullPen where they publicly named me as a stolen valour person(screen captures attached). Within this same month I began to receive phonecalls from friends and contacts in government stating that people from SVC are contacting them directly and making this claim that I’m stolen valour without any evidence. I’m not going to mention their names. Within this same month I made contact with DND to sort this out as it appeared the medal they sent me was not on my MPRR (military personal record) as my accusers where claiming. It is illegal for anyone to access my MPRR but somebody within SVC did in fact access my MPRR.

The department I was talking to said there’s no record of me receiving the medal and refused to update my MPRR. I sent the original letter that came with the medal and they promptly went radio silent. Now 8 months later SVC has publicly posted their accusation on their website using an ATIP they received from DND that again, doesn’t have any evidence that I am wearing a fake medal or that I have done something worthy of the criminal charge of stolen valour.…/2020/09/25/aaron-bedard/ (Link no longer available as page taken down)

After I saw this on their website I went as high as I could go within DND as the directorate of award and medals where not answering their phones for 8 months. I finally received a response in letter form this week. letter is in photos attached. I’ve decided to send back my entire medal group for disposal. After all the toxic behaviour I had to witness during the Equitas lawsuit and now with this I’ve truly had enough of veterans, specifically the toxic type. I had to block 100s of them off my advocacy work in an effort to make veterans look respectable while I was lobbying for better treatment by the GoC.

It appears now that the toxic Mob have done this in a sort of revenge for me cutting them out of my former advocacy groups and for my political leaning. This has had a serious impact on my physical and mental health. I’ve been forced to confine myself to my bed most of these past months in order to not act up around my wife and son. I say this not looking for sympathy but to confirm that this situation has taken me from my life to a large degree and made me ill 24/7.

A message from Paul Miller, partner at Howie, Sacks, and Henry.

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Anyone with information can also email me on my encrypted email at

3 thoughts on “Veteran Harassment

  1. The mistake was made by DND, not SVC. DND once they were made aware of the situation, sent Bedard an official letter of apology. SVC simply follow the proper protocols that they always do. Now Bedard is (as he always has) playing the wounded victim in order to get sympathy simply because he was an awful, wanna be, advocate. The current situation is simple, DND screwed up and apologize to Bedard in an official letter. SVC removed the pictures from the wall of shame with an explanation as to why the mistake was made. SVC was not at fault, DND was.
    Case closed.


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