I Will Be Making A Major Announcement Soon

I’ve been working on something big.

I haven’t written anything in the blog for a while and my presence online in social media has gone down as of late, but I haven’t gone away. I have been very busy working on a new and exciting major project, the details of which I will be announcing soon. It will allow me to not only continue the work that I began two years ago, but to expand upon it in a very significant way.

I will allow me to to tell more of the stories that are important to armed forces members, veterans, as well as their families and caregivers in Canada and around the world.

Project Wolf

Wolf Wm Solkin 1923-2021

As a way of honoring the esteemed Canadian World War Two veteran and veteran’s advocate, Wolf Wm Solkin, I have chosen to name this project after him. Project Wolf will be an endeavour that will have an impact worldwide, with the goal of saving or otherwise improving the quality of life of veterans and armed forces personnel everywhere.

I will be releasing the details soon, so stay tuned.

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