Project Wolf: Revealed

The next exciting adventure begins.

Two years ago I began work on the story that would change the course of my life, giving me the sense of purpose that comes with knowing what it is that you were meant to do with your life. As I began to talk with Canadian veterans and their families, it became clear to me that they were in desperate need of a voice. So, I dedicated myself to helping my brothers and sisters from other mothers and misters in what ever way that I could, by advocating for them and telling their stories when they needed to be told.

There was still important information that needed to be shared with many of them, information that could have life altering, perhaps even life SAVING consequences for those who hear it. I had seen it for myself and I felt compelled to act, knowing that I would be helping to bring people back from the brink and offer them some hope. I had a conversation with Marj Matchee one day, one of many that we’ve had over these many months now, and I told her that it seemed like we would almost need to make our own media to carry these stories, since they weren’t being covered the way that they should have been.

So, almost two years after that conversation I decided that I would do just that. I would start my own media company to carry the message to military members and veterans in Canada and around the world.

Introducing, Invictus Bellator Media Corporation (IBMedia Corp.)

Last week, I received a federal certificate of incorporation for Invictus Bellator Media Corporation (IBMedia Corp.), a not-for-profit media company of which I am the Founder and President. It will offer news and information important to currently serving armed forces members, veterans, and their families and care-givers, in Canada and in countries around the world, with a particular focus on health & wellness issues and legal matters that are of importance to this segment of the population.

What it will offer.

IBMedia Corp. will offer news and information across multiple channels and platforms. It will produce original written, video, and audio content in the form of:

  • articles,
  • essays,
  • podcasts,
  • a variety of video productions (newsmagazines, documentaries)

These will all be posted on the website at, and will also be available on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Although I will be contributing some of this content myself, I will also be looking to partner with freelance journalists and other contributors in order to provide greater coverage to more issues.

Potential partnerships also exist which will greatly enhance the ability of IBMedia to fundraise in a way unique within its market, and I have beem exploring a number of other partnership and sponsorship opportunities which I hope to be able to tell you about soon. Once deals are made and contracts are signed I will provide you with further information.


IBMedia will be apolitical, and will neither support nor endorse any political party or entity in Canada or anywhere else. Soldiers, veterans, and their loved ones come in all shapes, sizes, & colors, and cross the political spectrum from left to right and everything in between. Our job is to help keep government accountable to the people, not to get involved in the politics.

To clarify something.

I have in the past made public statements in support of Western/Alberta separation that I must also address. My intent in starting the company was that it would be for the of benefit of ALL Canadian Armed Forces personnel and veterans, regardless of their location. To make distictions between those in the East and those in the West would be completely counter to what I am trying to achieve.

I support a strong and united Canada, and hope that workable solutions can be found to fix the problems facing Confederation, ensuring equal and fair treatment for all provinces and teritories.

Integral parts of a functioning democracy.

In order for a “free” and democratic society to function the way that it should, two things quite necessarily need to be in existence. The first is a free and independent press, the second is legislated and guaranteed protections for whistleblowers.

There are a great many people now who have a negative view of the corporate news media, believing it to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for commercial special interests. Having independent and not-for-profit sources of information serves two purposes. 1) It provides a sense of confidence that the news source is unbiased and beholden only to reporting the truth, not to shareholders, and 2) even assuming all news outlets were neutral and unbiased, there are still only so many stories that they will be capable of effectively covering, meaning that there is plenty of room for a larger number of the smaller independent companies. More coverage means a greater ability to maintain some of the checks and balances that are needed to make sure governments remain accountable to the people.

People who blow the whistle on governments or big corporations also need to know that they will have the benefit of some protections under the law, otherwise an environment exists wherein whistleblowers will fear coming forward to report any illegal or inappropriate activities on the part of the government, public service, or private industry. A lack of such protections can only further erode the public’s already lacklustre trust in these institutions.

A not-for-profit corporation, not a charity.

To be clear, IBMedia will be a not-for-profit corporation, not a charitable organization. The distiction being that the shareholders in a not-for-profit, of which I am one, are not entitiled to any profits from the business. These are to be invested back into the company and any donations are not eligible to receive a tax receipt.

Only the beginning.

It will be a little while before I can get things are fully up and running, but an important first step has been made. I am hoping to achive an ambitious schedule and have some original content published within the next three to four weeks, but I also know that this is going to take a little bit of time if I am going to do this right.

In the coming days, weeks, and months I will be making further announcements about the progress of IBMedia Corp. I hope that you will stay tuned and offer me your support and understanding as I embark on this next incredible adventure.

IBMedia Corp. Journalistic Standards

4 thoughts on “Project Wolf: Revealed

  1. Could I get your mailing address. I have written a few articles on advocating for Veterans and information for the masses about Veterans practically rather than on social media. Perhaps you can be the conduit for me/


  2. I am hoping all of your plans work out for all the Veterans. I would love to keep informed and pass in all information to my brothers in arms. We all appreciate the work you have begun.I look forward to read and see your progress. God Bless 🙏


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