Not-For-Profit Media Company Closer To Becoming A Reality

But I’m still about 4-6 weeks away from seeing a paycheque, and could use a helping hand to see me through.

Four months ago, I made the decision to start a not-for-profit media company, and since then I have incorporated that company, Invictus Bellator Media Corporation (IBMedia Corp.), federally as a not-for-profit company and extra-provincially in the Province of Alberta. I have developed a logo, which I unveiled yesterday on Facebook, and am now working on finalizing the business plan that I will present to potential partners and sponsors when looking to acquire funding.

None of this would have been possible without the help and assistance peovided by Veteran’s House Charity

Veterans House Charity

The fact of the matter is that none of this would be happening right now if not for the incredible guidance and mentorship of Stephen Beardwood and the charity organization he founded, Veteran’s House Charity. I had a vision and plan, and they were exactly who I needed to help me make it a reality. It is not a fairly well known charity at this point, but in the days, weeks, and months to come you will be hearing a lot more about what this incredible organization is all about and what it does.

Latest developments

I have been asked to prepare a Research Project Proposal by a potential client/partner that would see IBMedia conduct a survey of a group of Canadian Forces veterans, in order to obtain some vital long-term data that will be of vital importance to medical researchers. I will be releasing more details later on once an official deal has been made.

I am also going to be offering paid memberships in IBMedia. Now I said earlier that there would never be anything behind a paywall on IBMedia, and there won’t be. All stories and information will still be available for free, but there will be additional benefits that will come with a paid membership.

Membership Level Price Benefits

Founder’s Club – $50 or more per month

  • Early access to and discounts on all promotional items.
  • Exclusive “Master Class” sessions.
  • A special monthly podcast for members only.
  • Special early access to stories before they are published.
  • Learn the tricks and secrets behind effective online research.
  • Your name memorialized on the “Founder’s Club” wall.
  • Entry into the monthly promotional item giveaway.

Tier 1 – $25 per month

  • A 25% discount on promotional items.
  • Access to the monthly members podcast.
  • Special access to stories before they are published.
  • Entry into the monthly promotional item giveaway.

Tier 2 – $10 per month

  • A 10% discount on promotional items.
  • Exclusive access to bonus extras.
  • Special early access to stories before they are published.
  • Entry into the monthly promotional item giveaway.

No membership

  • You can still access all of the news and information available on for free, it will never be hidden behind a paywall.

These memberships do not come with voting rights in the corporation.

Special Offer

I am now close to being able to start collecting a paycheque, I’m thinking maybe in the next 4-6 weeks though I wish it were much sooner. I have been able to get by as I have progressed through this incredible journey on the road to starting IBMedia, but I’m going to need a little bit of help to see me through to that point. So, I’m asking for your donations to help me make it there.

This isn’t an open-ended request, and I am anticipating that I will need about $3,000 to cover expenses over this period. If you would be willing to help me out with a financial donation for me personally, in any amount, I would be willing to give you membership in the IBMedia Founder’s Club. This means that for a one-time donation of as little as $5, you would get the same great benefits that would normally come at $50 per month.

Every day, I will be posting the number and amount of donations that I have received, and I will make an announcement when the goal has been met in order to end this fundraiser. So, if you are able to and are so inclined, please hit the PayPal button and enter a donation amount. Know that any amount that you can give would be so very greatly appreciated, and will be going a long way towards helping people around the globe.

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