VAC Employee Counsels Vet With PTSD, Brain-Injury, About Assisted Suicide.

Global News is reporting that multiple sources have told them that an agent from Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) offered advice about assisted suicide to a brain-injured combat veteran with PTSD.

The agent in question brought up the subject with the veteran, despite not being requested by him, in what sounds like a rather cavalier and nonchalant manner. The veteran was reportedly left “deeply disturbed”, and he and his family were left feeling betrayed by the agency that was supposed to be looking out for his best interests.

Veteran’s Affairs has also confirmed to Global News that the discussion did in fact take place. According to sources, the veteran had been experiencing positive improvements in his physical and mental health up until that point, and this encounter has served to halt any progress he had made and has been harmful to the well-being of the veteran and his family.

An apology was made to the family by VAC, but only AFTER numerous complaints had been made regarding this atrocious incident. A statement from VAC stated that “VAC deeply regrets what transpired”, and further said that an internal investigation would be conducted into the matter without discussing it or the potential consequences facing the employee.

Veteran’s Affairs Minister Needs To Step Down Immediately.

Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veteran’s Affairs

I would say that for starters the Minister of Veteran’s Affairs, the “Honourable” Lawrence MacAulay, needs to resign IMMEDIATELY. VAC has been a dysfunctional abomination for a very, very long time, but this ridiculousness has about topped it all and the person in charge MUST GO.

MAID for the mentally ill?

It’s pretty clear to me that the idiot VAC agent doesn’t seem to be too familiar with the Government of Canada’s stance regarding MAID and mental illness right now. A mental illness does NOT meet the eligibility requirements for MAID in the first place, so it wasn’t supposed to be brought up AT ALL, to begin with.

Now, either the VAC agent has a deficient IQ, in which case they shouldn’t be working there in the first place, or the mentally deficient VAC agent wasn’t properly instructed on the law by his equally mentally deficient superiors. Either way, there needs to be some SERIOUS training or re-training done here.

About mental illness and MAID

If a mental illness is the only medical condition leading you to consider MAID, you are not eligible to seek MAID at this time. Under the new changes made to the law, the exclusion will remain in effect until March 17, 2023.


While I may find the idea of MAID distasteful for myself personally, I find the idea of MAID being offered to the mentally ill as being absolutely repugnant. Mental illness cannot by any stretch of the imagination be equated to a terminal illness, and those who would argue otherwise must in my estimation be mentally ill themselves. In this case then perhaps these people ought to be euthanized.

A duty to serve, not kill.

It is the duty of VAC employees to serve our veterans and make sure that they are taken care of properly, not dead. You will forgive me and many thousands of others who are tonight left wondering if that isn’t really the plan. To counsel the mentally ill to kill themselves, because it would alleviate their pain and suffering, but also help alleviate the backlog of cases and the billions of dollars that have to be spent caring for them.

There must be a Royal Commission impanelled to deal with the VAC issues on and for all.

I am calling upon our federally elected officials in Ottawa to do the right thing and call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into what has gone so horribly, horribly wrong with the system and what can be done to fix it in the most expedient manner possible. Perhaps that will include offering MAID counselling for any VAC agents displaying signs of intellectual deficiency in the future.

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