Mefloquine Stories: Gunter

This Mefloquine Story was sent in by Gunter from Belgium, who has been suffering since a holiday to India almost 25 years ago.

If you have a Mefloquine Story of your own, drop me a line and tell me about it. Email and I will publish your story too.

I’ve been suffering from this horrible side effect for almost 25 years now.

I’m 49 years old and live in Belgium. Here is my story;

I went to India in 1996 on holiday. The doctor prescribed me an antimalaria drug named Lariam. So I took a weekly pill. 

After I took the first pill I had crazy dreams and a feeling that was not good, but I didn’t realize that it was from those drugs, Lariam. After 2 weeks on holiday, the horror began. One evening I started feeling sick and had to go to my hotel. Once there I started to vomit and had severe diarrhea. Realizing now that my body was trying to work out that poison but it was already too late.

I start to have severe panic attacks and terrible thoughts. From that moment my whole life changed and never came back as before.

I came back to Belgium and stayed for 3 weeks in a university clinic but they didn’t find anything. However, I was fighting for my life with severe panic attacks, sickness, depression, and many other terrible symptoms that I never had before. I visited a psychiatrist for years because every investigation turned out negative and still I was feeling so sick. So I started thinking that there was something wrong with me in my head psychologically. This went on for years and years. I took anti-depressants for years, and nothing was helping me.

I went for hundreds of investigations but always nothing. It was really hell for me. Luckily I have a strong character and survived. But unfortunately, many people kill themselves because of those severe side effects that I felt too.

Now I learned and discovered the terrible side effects of this horrible drug Lariam. This helps me to keep fighting against the symptoms. So sad for me that this drug took away my happiness and everything to enjoy in my life. I was just 24 years old!!! So sad I can do nothing against the ones that are responsible for this Drug and the terrible things that it does to people.

Never give up in life!


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