I Have Been Around For Over Three Years Now, and I’m Not Going Anywhere

But I will need your support to keep on going.

When I first ventured into the realm of veteran’s advocacy over three years ago, there were people who had doubts that I would stick around for very long, like a lot of others have done before. They had seen it many, many times. At that point, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d be around for very long, not for lack of passion on my part, but for lack of the money to be able to continue further.

Over three years on, I’m still around and have accomplished a lot of things, thanks in very large part to a group of benefactors whom I refer to as my “guardian angels”. They have allowed me to pursue something that has not only provided me with a great sense of self-fulfillment but has also saved some lives. It has given me the chance to make a real difference in the lives of others.

I started a not-for-profit media company.

In those early days, I came to realize that the only way these stories were going to get told is if there was a separate media outlet to tell them on. There simply wasn’t enough interest on the part of the corporate media to run many of these stories, especially in Canada where the corporate media is now beholden to the federal government for millions of dollars in annual funding. They aren’t likely to be wanting to bite the hand that feeds them so very well.

From that point, I began to form a vision of what such an independent media outlet might look like, and how it would operate. After having a conversation with Stephen Beardwood at Veteran’s House Charity, things all started to fall into place, and soon after I started a not-for-profit media company and had a partner in Veteran’s House Charity.


A unique and beneficial partnership.

I had and have a vision for Invictus Bellator Media Corporation (IBMedia Corp.), that one of its primary functions will be to share news and information with veterans in Canada and around the world. Much of this news and information will be related to the health and wellness of veterans, as well as legal issues that may impact them. By actively working to spread mefloquine awareness as much as possible, a number of lives will be saved, and/or people will see an improvement in the quality of their lives because of it.

Veteran’s House Charity

Veterans House helps provide funding and or development tools through partnerships to established NFP’s or organizations who want to connect with Veterans House Charity and its partners to provide programs or services for Veterans’ Mental Health and/or First Responders.

Veteran’s House Charity

Stephen Beardwood and the team at VHC worked incredibly hard, jumped through innumerable hoops, and had to meet a very strict set of criteria, but they would be able to give tax receipts for donations that were to be directed to one of its partner organizations, IBMedia being one of them.

You can get a Canadian tax receipt for your donation.

How to donate:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to IBMedia, simply click Donate today below and you will be taken to the page on the VHC website where you can make donations.

Then, in the Order notes (optional) section, state that you would like your donation to be directed to IBMedia.

In the Order notes (optional) section, simply state that you would like your donation to be directed to IBMedia, this way you will be able to receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Note: tax receipts will only be issued to Canadian taxpayers or Canadian ex-pats who pay Canadian income taxes.

Donate via PayPal.

If you live outside Canada or don’t want a tax receipt you can also donate through PayPal in any post.

Other ways that you can show your support.

There are also a number of other ways to support IBMedia besides financially, perhaps the best way is to follow us on social media and click on our posts.

Click “Like” and share.

Click the Like button and share posts on social media.

By simply clicking on the “Like” button and sharing posts on social media, you can help us to grow our audience and spread the important, potentially life-saving, information that we want to reach as many people as possible.

Any way that you can support IBMedia will be very greatly appreciated!

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