Veterans For Healing 2022 International Song Camp

Aug. 22-29 Inverness, Cape Breton

About Veterans For Healing Global.

Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG) is a Canadian company committed to helping veterans and their families heal through trauma and PTSD by providing specialized treatment plans, pharmaceutical-grade plant medicine, and ongoing personal support.

Veterans for Healing Global

Mission Statement.

Our mission is to help Veterans and their families live healthy, happy, and sustainable lives by providing alternative solutions through natural plant medicine, personal assistance, access to medical experts, and ongoing community support.

We believe in optimal health and are dedicated to uncompromised quality products, vital research, helpful social programs, and innovative treatments. By standing alongside Veterans and their family members, we’re able to provide the necessary resources for coping with trauma through rehabilitation.

Veterans for Healing Global

Following the success of the inaugural songwriting camp for veterans last year, Veterans For Healing Global will once again hold their international songwriting camp in the beautiful surroundings of Inverness, Cape Breton. Together with director of music Keith Mullins, another group of veterans will tell their stories through song as they progress through their journeys of healing.

Veterans For Healing is one of the organizations that have partnered with Veterans House Charity in the effort to bring healing alternatives to veterans who are suffering from PTSD or other such service-related injuries. A musician himself, Stephen Beardwood of Veteran’s House has attended both camps to lend his talents towards helping others and to tell his own story through song.

Let the healing happen.

VFHG merch now available online.

Veterans For Healing Global now has merch available online for purchase, so you can now support and represent VFHG.

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