Interview With Former CF Officer: Update

All-inclusive interview to be aired at a later date.

I had intended to show an interview with a former Canadian Forces senior officer over the weekend at the Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally in Saskatoon, but due to some technical difficulties was not able to do so.

In addition to this, the interview was originally only going to be about mefloquine but it was decided that it would also touch on a number of other subjects as well.

Therefore, I will be posting this interview at a later date, but I will also be trying to get it out as soon as it is possible for me to do so.

I look forward to sharing this groundbreaking interview with you in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “Interview With Former CF Officer: Update

  1. Can’t wait to read it!
    I’m no longer on ANY Social Media platforms!!!! Cell phone and email are it for communication purposes. Any other means of communication are not from me!


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