Please Bear With Me, I Have a Busy Week

Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally, Canadian Walk for Veterans, and interview with retired CF senior officer within the span of seven days.

6th Annual Veterans Mefloquine Rally

An emotional moment as Yorkton-Melville MP Cathay Wagantall helps present advocate Kentrina Jenkins with a special quilt.

It was a very successful weekend in Saskatoon where people came from far away to be with us at Saturday’s information session and the 6th Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally on Sunday, and with plenty to write about I will be doing so in two parts.

Some drove a few hours to get to us, while two of the people there had flown in all the way from Daytona Beach, Florida. Erin Mercer was a Peace Corps volunteer who took mefloquine in 2009, and she made the trip to Saskatoon along with her mother Susan, to share her story and to meet others who have their lives altered because of mefloquine, which went by the brand name Lariam.

We also heard from attorney Paul Miller, who talked about where things are at regarding the mass tort action against the Government of Canada.

Canadian Walk for Veterans.

This weekend the fifth annual Canadian Walk for Veterans will be happening at various locations across the country and by many people virtually. I will be at the walk in Calgary on Saturday to participate and honour the interpreters who have stood shoulder to shoulder beside Canadian forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I look forward to being there and seeing some familiar faces.


As I mentioned earlier I will be sitting down to have a conversation with a retired Canadian Forces senior officer, so this is also adding to my current workload, but believe me I am not complaining about it. I am aiming to have this ready for broadcast in about a week but possibly sooner, so stay tuned for further details.

Thanks for your understanding, you’ll start seeing this great content starting next week.

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