Veteran’s Voices Afghanistan 158 Commemorative Coins Are Arriving

Message from Al Cameron.

The 158 Aghanistan commemorative coin


Our coins have finally been shipped to us and that means we will have these in our hands the first week of October. And then, we’ll ensure we get them in the mail or dropped to you asap! Thank you everyone for your patience!

We still have many to be purchased, and will continue to be selling a limited number of these in support of several things;

One donated coin per family of the 158 as well as one per Afghanistan Veteran documented;

-To on camera document our initiative “The 158″; Honouring those 158 Canadian soldiers KIA in Afghanistan who couldn’t come back to tell their story, but documenting 158 who could”.

-If all 1000 coins are purchased, we will make a donation to an Afghanistan Veteran Association, still to be decided upon.

We are selling these limited edition coins for $35 including shipping with a decorative display box while supplies last. Etransfer to with your mailing address and email address in the message box, please.

Please share, share, share away and order your coin today! We do etransfers to, but please PLEASE give your email and mailing address in the message box when you send.

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