Soul Of Darkness

Australian SAS war crimes in Afghanistan and their subsequent cover up playing out like a Joseph Conrad novella.

If you are of a particular age you have likely seen the movie Apocalypse Now, or have at least heard of it. Francis Ford Coppola’s screen epic was his modern day take on the Joseph Conrad novella Heart Of Darkness, which was first published in 1899. First released in 1979, it was re-released in 2001 as Apocalypse Now Redux with an additional 48 minutes of footage not in the original. If you haven’t seen it yet and think you might want to in the future I recommend watching this version.

Apocalypse Now: Redux (Miramax, R-2001). One Sheet (27" X 39.5 ...

A brief synopsis.


Whereas Apocalypse Now is set in the jungles of South East Asia during the Vietnam War, Heart Of Darkness plays out in the heart of what was referred to back then as deepest, darkest Africa at the dawn of the ivory trade in the late 19th century.

Characters (protagonist(s)& antagonist(s))

Heart Of Darkness is a story told by the protagonist, Charles Marlowe, who has lived his life at sea. He recounts of a job he once took for a company that exported ivory which would take him up the Congo river to pilot one of their boats out of a remote station deep in the jungle. Along the way he hears about an agent named Kurtz whose praises are sung by all. He’s their top producing agent and sells more ivory than all of the other agents combined and is highly prasied by all.

In Apocalypse Now the Marlowe character is replaced with Martin Sheen’s Capt. Benjamin Willard, who has been called back to Saigon for a special assignment. It is Willard who serves as the narrator of the story. Kurtz is now Col. Walter E. Kurtz, special forces commander and young rising star, played hauntingly by Marlon Brando.

Wanted: A More Complicated History of Belgium's Congolese 'Heart ...

Key Plot Moments

Heart Of Darkness

The company that hired Marlowe is curious to know how Kurtz is able to acquire the fantastic amount of ivory that he does, and so sends some men out to investigate. They ultimately come to find out that when Kurtz first arrived he had encountered a primitive tribe living in the forest. Ever the good Christian Englishman, Kurtz made an attempt to civilize this group he saw as savages and was encountering a bit of difficulty in doing so. In an effort to try to get through to the tribesmen better Kurtz decides to try to approach them on their own level, and ultimately begins dressing and acting like a savage himself. He begins to employ their methods, and in doing so is not only accepted by them but revered as a god, while his employers are aghast at his methods. Finding these methods to be “unsound” they set out to have Kurtz killed, though it is moot since Kurtz is already gravely ill and ultimately dies before anyone could murder him.

Apocalypse Now

Captain Benjamin Willard has been sent to Saigon on a top secret assignment. He’s summoned to a meeting with a general and a member of the CIA where he is told about Colonel Walter Kurtz’s past and his present situation. Col. Kurtz has gone rogue, having become revered as a god in the same way as the othe Kurtz, and the men who created him now want his command to be “terminated with extreme prejudice”. As a matter of reference this is, as far as I know, the first mention on film of the phrase “terminate with extreme prejudice”, which became popular in the 80’s and thereafter. I won’t go any further so as to not spoil things for those who might want to watch it later.

Examination of morals

Both stories take a deep look inside the psychology behind the behaviour of the characters and in each case, the creators of the “monsters”, for lack of a better word, acknowledge that they have created a monster albiet inadvertantly. The company, or government as in Apocalypse Now, then takes action to eliminate Kurtz out of a sense of fear but also does so perhaps with a sense of morality behind it. Aside from the fear of being found out, they needed to put a stop to the creature they helped to create and set loose into the world lest it do any more damage.

A contemporary interpretation based on real events.

Over the last several months I have improved my skills as a writer and have received positive reviews and feedback from those who have read my stuff. Saying this, I by no means think of myself as being in the same company as Joseph Conrad or Francis Coppola, but I can’t resist taking a crack at my own attempt at an interpretation of this story, with a rather important twist to it however, as you will see. This stuff really does write itself sometimes.

This is a story in real time, the end has not been written yet. The characters and events are real. As always bear in mind that real life can often be much stranger than fiction.

The title – Soul Of Darkness

The way I see it, this tale can be viewed from a couple of different lenses. It can seen as an interpretation of the original story or, as another part to it like a sequel. In calling it Soul Of Darkness I’m leaving the door open to a lot of things and allowing the reader to view it in what ever way they wish.


The story primarily takes place in wartorn Afghanistan in the years 2011 and 2012, although Australia is also the backdrop for a portion of it. Events that took place in the villages of Sarkhoum and Darwan will make these places of great significance to this story.


The protagonist of this story, the Charles Marlowe/Capt. Willard if you like, is Australian Defense Force whistleblower David McBride, whose story I have been following for over a year. He is currently on trial in an Australian court after he released an unknown number of classified government documents to the newsmedia, and faces decades in prison for his actions. Some of these documents revealed that members of the elite Australian SAS had committed war crimes while in Afghanistan.

The Aussie Files: Scandal Of Criminal Proportions

There is no single Kurtz character playing the antagonist here however, as individual SAS members and teams play a part in this but so do their commanders on the ground as well as high level officers and ministers within the Australian government. Men like Generals Angus Campbell, David Morrison, and the current Governor General of Australia David Hurley. Perhaps the one who would personify it best however would be an individual known only as “Soldier B”, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2016 under dubious circumstances.


McBride tells us the story of soldiers who have gone rogue and committed horrific acts that are with absolutely no question war crimes. Remember that Major McBride is a highly talented attorney, expert in international law and the laws of conflict. When he tells you that something is a war crime you can take it to the bank that it is one. He was a legal officer in Special Operations Command and he’s talkimg about the war crimes that he’s aware of and that weren’t acted upon at the highest of levels. In fact the officials in the Ministry of Defense and other senior officials had knowledge that these acts were occurring and did absolutely nothing about it, other than act to cover them up and keep them out of the public eye.

David McBride’s YouTube Channel – David McBride Trial

McBride has been telling his story on his YouTube channel he created a little less than a year ago. David McBride’s Trial begins with him discussing his case and making an appeal for donations to a legal defense fund, then trails off until about a month ago, early July, when he began making videos again. This time he is beginning to tell us what he knows about the war crimes that were committed by certain elements within the SAS. It’s important to note that this behaviour is not reflective of a majority of the men there and that these were indeed rogue elements within the storied elite special forces regiment.

Names places and incidents.

In an incredible series of videos made between July 5th, 2020 and August 6th, 2020, McBride tells a gripping story that is at times difficult to hear but must be heard. He begins by telling of the status of his case, which is currently on hold as prosecutors consult with the Americans about the case. Yes, the Americans. Our Five Eyes ally knows about this case and now has influence over a criminal trial in Australia, another Five Eyes ally, yet this influence isn’t reciprocal. This surprises me not.

As he proceeds further though things begin to on a somewhat darker tone. Now is where we begin to hear about the incidents that he is privy to, the ones in the documents he leaked to the press, the ones where criminal acts, atrocities, have been committed. The names of two villages emerge, Sarkhoum and Darwan. Things happened there, terrible things, and lies were told in after action reports to cover them up. An alleged Taliban killed in an exchange of fire is in actuality an innocent civilian, taken prisoner and then kicked to death after being seen by a medic. The perpetrator, a member of the SAS who would recieve the Victoria Cross for actions while in Afghanistan. A hero who won perhaps the most prestigious award for gallantry and bravery in the world, is a cold-blooded murderer. In another incident that took place on September 11, 2012, a prisoner was thrown off a cliff by this man who would then order an Afghani soldier to shoot the prisoner as he lay on the ground in a crumpled heap.

It again must be said that these incidents were the exception and that the vast majority of operators in Afghanistan acted professionally and with honor in accordance with ancient laws and traditions of warfare. But none of them were awarded for their actions as much as “Soldier B”. McBride’s message to those in the SAS who may be upset that he’s talking is this, “Get over yourself”. He went to the wall for the SAS as a legal officer but these are war crimes and he simply will not abide that.

It was all captured on video

There were drones in the sky keeping watch over every mission that special operators conducted, including the SAS. All of the incidents that occurred would have been seen by those on the ground and the information passed along up the chain of command. The men in charge knew exactly what was going on. Men like Angus Campbell who was promoted to Major General and given command over all Australian forces in Afghanistan in 2011. He would later go on to become Chief of the Army and is the current Chief of the Defense Staff.

David Hurley was the CDS in 2011 and as such is also implicated in this. Not a very good look for a man who is currently the Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor General. You would expect that the vice-regent would be of somewhat higher quality, however this is not exactly a position known to be filled by the best of people and this applies anywhere in the commonwealth. Canada would be a perfect example.

There is no way they couldn’t have known what was going on, they were the men in charge. The footage from the drones and from the bodycams of the operators would be there for all to see. What they did was morally and etically reprehensible and also legally wrong. If the Yamashita Standard is applied, they should be facing trial in International Criminal Court.

The Yamashita Standard

General Tomoyuki Yamashita commanded Japanese forces in Singapore during World War Two and was charged with war crimes. By all accounts General Yamashita was an good and honourable army officer, and was not a fanatical follower of the emperor. Troops under his command committed war crimes and atrocities which he claimed at trial to have absolutely no knowledge of. The prosecution asserted that as their commander Yamashita was responsible for the actions and conduct of his troops whether he was aware if it or not. He was subsequently found guilty and hanged in 1947.

Australia has jurisdiction

It is worth noting however that the ICC would not become involved unless and until Australia failed to act on the matter on its own first. So now it will be up to the Generals’ masters to decide their fate, and this does not give one much comfort that much will be done about it. Those politicians and nabobs in Canberra will dither and drag things out, trying to keep this out of the light as much and for as long as possible in the hope this eventually dies of natural causes. But it won’t, too many people know too much now. Information is starting to see the light of day and public scrutiny, and there is much, much more to come.

Examination of morals

The fear and morality that motivated the termination of Kurtz in the first two stories is absent here. Now the government, aware of the monster, does nothing to stop it. It will in fact attempt to benefit from the monster and it’s actions. It is completely bereft of morality and humanity and if the heart of darkness beat in the previous two charcters then what we see now is in fact the very soul of darkness. Pure evil and malevolence personified in the form of a nations politicians and military leaders. It is a nightmare come to life in an all to real manner.

So much more to tell, you need to see the videos

For the sake of brevity I have left out a great deal from the videos so there is plenty more to tell than what I have written here. Take the time to watch the videos that David McBride has posted, and listen to the things he says for yourself, carefully. Follow along as this story unravels before your eyes, in real time.

A cautionary tale about democracy

Even though this story is playing out in Australia it will have an affect that extends far beyond its borders. Once thought of as being the safest democracy in the world, Australia finds itself today on the verge of becoming a totalitarian police state. The level and outright blatant amount of corruption is astonishing even by Canadian standards. In fact Canadian politicians could learn a thing or two about corruption from their Australian counterparts, and this is the problem. Left unchecked, this corruption could easily spread to other democracies. Other governments will learn from the Australian example and begin stripping their citizenry of their rights and freedoms.

Justin Trudeau has shown a propensity for engaging in corruption just like other Liberal PM’s have, and unless Canadians do something to rectify the current situation they face the very real prospect of experiencing the nightmare now facing Australians.

The story remains unfinished

There is still a great deal more to be told. This is only the beginning of Soul of Darkness and it will continue to unfold in the days, weeks, and months to come. It is a story of bravery and courage, and also one of cowardice and greed, and the outcome is yet to be determined. We all have a part to play in how this story will end. Will we simply sit back and watch as those in control attempt to exert more and more control over us? Or, will we stand up for ourselves and for our freedoms? Will we fight for and with the whistleblowers like the David McBrides of the world, or will we be content to do nothing and let evil reign? I have chosen my side.

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Final Report

The final report on my brother’s autopsy is in.

I had been expecting the phone call for a while and I wasn’t entirely sure when I would get it. Last week it came. 327 days after my brother passed away his final autopsy report was ready and the medical examiner was calling me with the results. Even though I knew I would be getting this call at some point it still threw me for a bit of a loop when I got it. Memories came back and from out of nowhere a flood of emotions was washing over me. I quickly gained my composure and steeled myself for what I was about to hear, even though I already knew what the results would be.

There were no surprises. Ryan died as a result of multi drug toxicity, the manner of death accidental. Among the drugs in his system when he died were alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, oxycodone, morphine, and codeine, but the one that killed him was fentanyl. He had five times the therapeutic level of fentanyl in his blood when he died. If nothing else I can take solace in the fact that my brother didn’t suffer at the end, he drifted off to sleep and died peacefully.

Ryan had been an addict for years before he died and he never denied it. He used to say “drugs do me” every once in a while and he wasn’t shy about his drug use either and had told me on many occasions that he figured he had done pretty much all the drugs. The exception to this at the time however being heroin and fentanyl. He told me once that he found no appeal in a drug that makes you puke your guts out the first time you use it. That and the fact that he didn’t like needles kept him away from heroin. That and the addictive potential that it had. He may have been an addict but being a heroin addict is on a much different and far scarier plane. It was the same with fentanyl for him.

Things had changed in the last year of his life though and he found himself spiraling down into a deep and dark place. He found himself living in a camper behind a house with the lowlife who would be his conduit to the poison that killed him. He knew the risks, but it was a very cold winter and he would do anything to feel warm. Relieving his physical and mental pain was simply an added bonus. It wasn’t long at all before he required it on a regular, daily basis otherwise he would be wracked with the physical agony of withdrawal.

I’m quite sure that at some point in his life somebody told Ryan that if he continued on the path that he was on that he would wind up being a statistic. In fact it’s something that every addict has heard at least once in their lives. I’m not sure how Ryan felt about that but the fact of the matter is that he is now a statistic, a number on an ever alarming tally sheet.

According to the Alberta Opioid Response Surveillance Report released by the provincial goverment and the Office of the Medical Examiner, Ryan was one of 49 individuals to accidentally overdose on fentanyl in Calgary in the third quarter of 2019. There were a total of 211 in Calgary for the year. In the first quarter of 2020 there were another 49. In fact from Q1 2016 to Q1 2020 a total of 983 people died from accidentally overdosing on fentanyl, the most of any zone in the province and ahead of Edmonton where there were 700 such deaths reported.

What is alarming is the increase in the number of accidental overdoses of fentanyl from 2016 until the present. Of all accidental opioid overdose deaths in Alberta a staggering 89% are attributed to fentanyl. That is up considerably from 2016 when it began the year at 56%. I’ve sent an email to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to see if anyone would be able to provide me with an explaination for the big increase in Q4 over Q3 of that year. It is from this point that the number has been steadily increasing until the present day. I will provide updates as further information becomes available.

Welcome to the opioid crisis, which began in the 1990’s when Purdue Pharmaceuticals unleashed OxyContin onto an unwitting public. Falsely claimed to be non-addictive, the powerful narcotic was prescribed by doctors in large numbers. The results have proven to be tragic and incalculable. It has spawned an explosion in the number of prescription drug addictions and redically changed the demographics of addiction within a generation. Previously addicts became addicted after using ilicit drugs whereas now a large number of opioid addicts became addicted after using prescription narcotics like OxyContin. Todays drug addicts are housewives, business owners, school teachers and your next door neighbour, with no shortage of pro sports figures falling in these ranks as well.

Now fentanyl is prevalent, creating addicts in ever increasing numbers and killing indiscriminantly. Drug dealers stand to make huge profits from it and don’t seem to care that their business model is one that is killing off their customers. For them there will always be another addict to bleed, and another one after that. More and more, people are chasing the fentanyl dragon creating more and more work for medical examiners.

What’s heartbreaking to me is that Ryan had been talking to one of his closest friends about trying to find a rehab facility, and they were supposed to get together the following day. Ryan passed away later that night. If the heroin he got hadn’t been so laced with fentanyl he might have been able to find the help he so desperately needed, but it robbed him of that opportunity and us of Ryan.

My brother was by no means perfect but that didn’t make him a bad person. He would have his moods and could to get angry from time to time he was in his heart a good and gentle man. Softspoken, he had a kind soul and was the best and most loyal friend a person could hope to have, there for you should you need him. This still came through despite the battle he was waging against his inner demons. This is who I will remember and how he should be remembered, rather than for his faults or the way he left us.

For those of us that loved him it was hard to see him in so much mental and emotional pain and anguish, so yes there is the solace that comes with knowing that your loved one is no longer suffering. I however am looking at it slightly differently, in that it’s a good thing that he isn’t around to have to experience what the rest of us have had to since the beginning of this year. I know that he would have absolutely HATED being in lockdown and I really don’t know how he would have handled it, and given the current state of things and the direction they appear to be going in, it might be fair to say that he’s a lot better off than we are.

I will forever carry the burden that is carried by many who have lost a younger sibling. There is a feeling of guilt that goes along with it, survivors guilt perhaps, telling you that this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. The oldest is supposed to go first. Add to the that the feeling that you have broken what almost seems like a law of nature in that the older sibling is supposed to look out for the younger one(s). It would almost seem like a cop out to simply say I that I am not my brother’s keeper, but that’s the reality that I am coming to grips with.

I realize that his death, while significant to those that loved him, won’t have an impact on the opioid crisis we now find ourselves in. I hope and pray however that it might make enough of a difference to save someone’s life down the road, that way he will not have died in vain. I know this is what my brother would have wanted, and it’s what I will work towards while I am still here on this Earth.

I miss you so much little brother, we all do, and I look forward to the day when we see each other again. I love you buddy.

How Three Pieces Of Candy Can Ruin Your Day

A demonstration of the important link between nutrition and living with a brain injury.

I have written about the importance of diet and nutrition when it comes to living with a brain injury. Eating the proper diet can make the world of difference if you have a brain injury and veteran Dave Bona is a prime example. Dave has posted many Facebook videos on the subject and can tell you first hand what it’s all about.

Dave has chronic quinoline encephalopathy after taking the antimalarial drug mefloquine, also known as Lariam. It is neurotoxic, and has destroyed cells in Dave’s brainstem leaving microscopic holes in it. This interferes with some of the signals that are going to his brain via his central nervous system and as a result he suffers from a myriad of debilitating symptoms. Among these are what are known as “mefloquine rages”. These are pretty much what they sound like and Dave describes the experience quite well on the video.

So what triggered it? He was out running some errands with his daughter who decided to buy herself a bag of saltwater taffy. Like most of us probably would he asked her for some and she gave him three pieces, which he enjoyed. About twenty minutes later he could feel it coming on and he knew something wasn’t right. Dave, usually ever vigilant, didn’t read the ingredients before consuming the taffy and missed seeing the sugars and artificial colors that were in it.

Lesson learned for Dave and he’s sharing it so that everyone else will know about it too.

We Got Your Six: Please Help Hiram Breathe

With Your Host Marj Matchee

We are asking for you to give a hand to Veteran Hiram Ropson.
Hiram needs to raise enough money to carry on with his medical travels and bills associated with his healing journey.
Hiram needs surgeries that are extremly important, and time is of the essence. These will rebuild his voicebox and help him to breathe better, and help with his other medical issues.

Together we can do this…remember….No One Gets Left Behind.

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We Got Your Six: Dave Bona Talks About Mefloquine And Vestibular Issues

With Your Host Marj Matchee

In this episode Dave and Marj talk about vestibular issues as a result of mefloquine toxicity. The vestibular system is what let’s us know where we are relative to the things around us and is responsible for things like balance. Damage to the vestibular system can cause vertigo, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with quinism.

We Got Your Six: Dave Bona Talks Mefloquine Rages

With your host Marj Matchee.

This week Dave is talking about mefloquine rages, one of the more unpleasant symptoms of quinism especially if you are around to experience one for yourself. Such rages are not uncommon in people that have PTSD, however the ones associated with quinism are the result of damage to the brainstem and cerebral cortex caused by mefloquine.

In fact these so called mefloquine rages are actually a type of seizure, and often come with other symptoms. Our Dr. Dave breaks it down and explains that people with mefloquine toxicity aren’t assholes when they go off like this, and have no control over it just like someone with epilepsy cannot make their own seizures stop.

2020 årlige veteraner Mefloquine Rally i Ottawa annulleret med forbehold på grund af COVID-19

Rally der afholdes i Edmonton, andre byer i stedet.

Meddelelsen fra Marj Matchee kom ikke som nogen overraskelse, den fjerde årlige veteran’s Mefloquine Rally i Ottawa den 19. september annulleres som et resultat af pandemien. Protokollerne om social distancering og rejser tillader simpelthen ikke det lige nu. Det er uheldigt, men dette er den virkelighed, vi lever i nu, og vi må tilpasse os den i overensstemmelse hermed.

I stedet annoncerer Marj, at rallyet finder sted i Edmonton på et sted, der endnu ikke er bestemt, og at hun håber at se andre stævner i byer og citater over hele Canada og verden lørdag den 19. september kl. 1300 lokal tid. Uanset om rallyet er i Edmonton eller Ottawa, vil meddelelsen forblive den samme.

Det er tid til det fjerde årlige Veteran Mefloquine Rally på Parliament Hill.

Lad os gøre vores stemmer hørt !!

Den årlige Veteran Mefloquine Rally er en fremragende lejlighed til at nå veteraner, deres familier og plejere, og dem, der endnu ikke har forbundet de prikker, som deres sundhedsmæssige problemer kan skyldes dette stof.

Som en del af dagsordenen for denne rally fokuserer vi opmærksomheden på:

1. Genåbning af Somalia-affæren

2. Beder den canadiske regering om anerkendelse af den skade, der er gjort for de mennesker, der blev beordret til at tage dette stof. Dette har været i mindst 27 år.

3. Regering finansieret forskning for at finde en kur eller måder at håndtere den sundhedsmæssige og mentale skade, der er gjort på vores veteraner

Dette er vores år !!

Retssagen mod masse-tortur vinder fart. Lad os bringe den energi til bakken.

Marj Matchee

Detaljer om placeringen af rallyet i Edmonton vil blive annonceret, når arrangementerne er afsluttet. Uanset hvor du er i verden, det være sig Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rom, Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, Sydney eller andre steder, marker 19. september på din kalender og begynd at planlægge.

Lad regeringerne vide, at intet vil forhindre vores stemmer i at blive hørt, ikke i år eller på noget andet.

Godišnji prosvjed veterana za meflokin 2020. u Ottawi preliminarno otkazan zbog COVID-19

Okupljanja koja će se održati u Edmontonu, drugim gradovima.

Najava Marja Matcheeja nije iznenadila, četvrti godišnji skup veterana meflokvina u Ottawi 19. rujna otkazan je kao rezultat pandemije. Postojeći protokoli koji se odnose na socijalno distanciranje i putovanja jednostavno to trenutno ne bi dopuštali. To je nesreća, ali to je stvarnost u kojoj sada živimo i moramo joj se u skladu s tim prilagoditi.

Umjesto toga, Marj najavljuje da će se miting održati u Edmontonu na mjestu koje još nije utvrđeno, te da se nada ostalim mitingima u gradovima i gradovima širom Kanade i svijeta u subotu, 19. rujna u 13:00 po lokalnom vremenu. Bilo da je skup u Edmontonu ili Ottawi, poruka će ostati ista.

Vrijeme je za četvrti godišnji skup veterana mefloquine na Parlamentarnom brdu.

Neka se naši glasovi čuju !!

Godišnji meflokvinski miting za veterane izvrsna je prilika da se dođe do veterana, njihovih obitelji i njegovatelja, kao i onih koji još nisu povezali točkice koje bi zbog ovog lijeka mogle biti njihove zdravstvene probleme.

Kao dio agende ovog skupa usmjerimo pozornost na:

1. Ponovno otvaranje afere Somalija

2. Zamolite kanadsku vladu za priznanje štete nanesene ljudima koji su naređeni da uzmu ovu drogu. To traje već najmanje 27 godina.

3. Vlada je financirala istraživanje kako bi pronašla lijek ili načine upravljanja zdravstvenim i mentalnim oštećenjima koja su učinjena našim veteranima

Ovo je naša godina !!

Tužba za masovnu muku dobiva na značaju. Donosimo tu energiju u brdo.

Marj Matchee

Detalji lokacije mitinga u Edmontonu bit će objavljeni nakon što se dogovori finaliziraju. Ma gdje bili u svijetu, bilo da su to Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rim, Edinburgh, Berlin, Pariz, Sydney ili bilo gdje drugo, obilježite 19. rujna na svom kalendaru i počnite stvarati planove.

Obavijestite vlade da ništa neće spriječiti da se naši glasovi čuju, ne ove godine niti u bilo kojoj drugoj.

迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)被劫为人质


国拘留的两个加拿大人迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)是谁

这些来自视频的2018年图像显示了在中国被拘留的两个加拿大人Michael Kovrig(左)和Michael Spavor。 加拿大媒体/ AP

中华人民共和国检察官将对被称为“两个迈克尔一家”的加拿大人迈克尔·科夫里格(Michael Kovrig)和迈克尔·斯帕沃(Michael Spavor)进行间谍活动指控。 在长达18个月的时间里,这两个被关押在一天24小时不间断的牢房中,每天要进行多达三遍的“讯问”。 自从他们被拘留以来,他们已经几个月没有被允许与加拿大领事馆官员联系,也没有与家人联系。 如果被中国法院判为重罪,他们将面临死刑。

这显然是中国对加拿大与美国在孟万州法律事务上的合作的报应。 华为女继承人已经获得了两个迈克尔一家迄今已制定的正当法律程序,他们很可能永远不会自己看到。 当她在豪华住宅中被软禁时,加拿大人已经并将继续在曲折的环境中感到沮丧。

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我以前曾提出过这样的论点,即我们实际上与具体的中国共产党交战。 尽管实际上可能是这种情况,但国际上公认的战争规则在这里不适用,因为没有宣战,双方之间也没有任何公开的武装冲突。 但是,中国违反了红十字国际委员会在日内瓦制定的习惯国际人道主义法(IHL),因此,国际社会应予以相应对待。


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1864年日内瓦公约,©MICR照片Alain Germond

现行的《日内瓦公约》(于1949年通过)创建于1864年,是国际上公认的条约和协定,其中确立了与武装冲突法有关的规则和议定书,特别是关于在本国或本国或其他国家对待囚犯和平民的待遇 国际武装冲突。 1977年又通过了两项附加议定书,旨在加强对国际武装冲突以及国家武装冲突(内战)受害者的保护。




国际人权法没有具体禁止“劫持人质”,但是由于这种做法等同于任意剥夺自由,因此它是不可克减的人权法所禁止的做法(见规则99)。 联合国人权委员会指出,劫持人质,无论在何处发生和由何人犯下,都是旨在破坏人权的非法行为,永远是没有道理的。



《反对劫持人质国际公约》将犯罪定义为:扣押或扣押一个人(人质),并威胁杀害,伤害或继续扣留人质,以强迫第三方从事或劫持人质。 避免作为释放人质的明示或暗示条件而作出任何作为。[17] 国际刑事法院的犯罪要件使用相同的定义,但补充说,第三方的要求行为不仅可以作为释放人质的条件,而且可以作为人质安全的条件。[18] 这是劫持人质的特定意图,并将其与作为行政或司法手段剥夺某人的自由区分开来。

尽管《日内瓦第四公约》规定了禁止劫持人质的行为,通常与将平民劫持为人质有关,但没有迹象表明犯罪仅限于将平民劫为人质。 《日内瓦四公约》,《国际刑事法院规约》和《反对劫持人质国际公约》共同第3条并不将罪行限于劫持平民,而是将其适用于劫持任何人。 实际上,在《国际刑事法院的犯罪要件》中,该定义适用于采取受《日内瓦公约》保护的任何人。[19]

现在,尽管中国并没有公开表示如果加拿大要释放孟万州,他们将释放“两个迈克尔”,但鉴于事件发生的时机,这肯定可以暗示。 我无论如何都不是国际法专家,但在我看来,这确实符合维持绑架指控的标准。

就是说,我将与我认识的国际法专家交谈,以了解他的观点。 他可以告诉我,这是否可以放在外交桌上。 同时,世界需要继续对中国施加压力,以释放迈克尔·科夫里格和迈克尔·斯沃弗。