David McBride Is In Urgent Need Of Our Help

GoFund Me Campaign Started For Australian Whistleblower.

Australian whistleblower Major David McBride

My name is David McBride. I am facing 50 years in prison for blowing the whistle on the Australian Defence Force’s unethical, harmful and highly politicised leadership. As I continue to fight these unjust criminal charges, I am asking for your support to access expert legal representation.  

For the past 19 years, Australian troops have been fighting a war in Afghanistan. After all this time, there still seems to be no end in sight. In 2011 and 2013, I served in Afghanistan as a military lawyer to the Royal Australian Regiment and Australian Special Forces respectively. When I joined the Australian Defence Force, I swore an oath to fight for Australian values. 

Over my two deployments, I became increasingly concerned that the war was dictated by politics rather than the best interests of Australians and Australian soldiers. I saw the government putting increased pressure on Australian soldiers, knowing that this pressure could risk their lives. I saw people in leadership avoiding tough decisions because their political careers were more important than people’s lives.

More than 26,000 Australian soldiers have served in Afghanistan since the war started. I believe the lives and sacrifices our people in uniform make should never be taken for granted.

After learning that what I had seen was unfortunately widespread and systematic, I made an internal report in 2014. As I saw no real or effective action, I disclosed documents to the ABC in 2016. 

Since being charged, I have had little choice but to represent myself. I believed that, in keeping with the values of our armed forces, I had to show staunch courage and face this battle alone, no matter the odds. I have since realised that this case represents something much bigger than my personal imprisonment. It represents the erosion of our democracy. It flies in the face of everything our armed forces are fighting for.

The Australian Government is using the catchall cry of ‘national security’ to take away our right to know what our government is doing and to remove their accountability to the people that elect them. Legislation is being used to threaten whistleblowers, lawyers and journalists with long jail sentences and hefty fines. Media organisations are being raided by the police.

Trying your best means asking for support when you need it. I would be very grateful if you made a contribution within your capacity to help fund this legal battle. You can also show support by sharing this campaign with your family and friends. 

My family and I are incredibly grateful for all the kindness and support.

David McBride

Right now David McBride’s legal team consists of one person, David McBride. To win this battle he is going to need some legal assistance, and he’s hoping to raise the $50,000 that it would cost to get that assistance.

This case is of great importance to the people of Australia, however it is also of great importance to the citizens of every free and democratic nation across the globe. Should he lose this case democracy in Australia will also face a very grim future and a very dangerous precedent would be set that other governments might be eager to follow.

This is a case where I believe Canadians in particular might be willing to offer their help as the plight of Major McBride is similar to that of Admiral Mark Norman, and I’m hoping that anyone who contributed to Admiral Norman will also consider contributing to Major McBride.

Please, click on the link below to make a donation towards the defence of democracy.


An Urgent Message For All Active Duty US Army Personnel Awaiting Deployment Overseas

Important Information About Newly Approved Anti-Malarial Drug Arakoda.

60P’s first significant shipment of Arakoda occurred in September, 2019, to the U.S. Army. The product is now commercially available via select retail pharmacy outlets and pharmaceutical wholesalers. 60P continues to work closely with  distribution networks and third-party insurance companies to provide extensive access to the product.

Arakoda™ (Tafenoquine) Tablets, First Prescription Drug Approved for Malaria Prevention by US FDA in Over 18 Years, Now Available in US

If you are an active duty soldier in the United States Army and are awaiting deployment overseas, there is some important information that you need to made aware of concerning a new anti-malarial drug called tafenoquine (brand name Arakoda).

Serious concerns have been raised about the safety of this drug that you need to be aware of before taking it. It has been found that critical drug safety data was omitted from the FDA New Drug Application for Arakoda, information about serious adverse psychiatric reactions to tafenoquine was not made available to the FDA.



It calls into question the data from several clinical trials of tafenoquine, including Study 033 which took place from 2000-2001 on the island of East Timor using members of the Australian Defense Force as test subjects. There is a vast amount of evidence to indicate that there were numerous serious reactions that were not reported and as such the safety of this drug is now seriously in question. There is sufficient evidence to warrant federal agencies to launch investigations into a number of apparent regulatory, ethical, and CRIMINAL violations surrounding the approval of Arakoda including fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States Government

ADF Veterans Aaron and Rae.

“Crazy stuff started happening. We had a guy from my own company who ended up pulling a para flare apart, for no reason. No-one does that stuff. The next minute, we got back to our FOB and he ended up taking one of my mate’s grenades. At that time we’d had a change in the grenade—once the pin was pulled out, you couldn’t put it back in unless you had a special tool. He ended up throwing that grenade. The grenade went off and he ended up fragging himself. He just wigged out.”

Testimony of an Australian Army tafenoquine Study 033 trial subject to the 2018 Australian Senate Inquiry into Quinoline Antimalarials in the ADF

There are also issues surrounding the efficacy and safety of this drug in people who are deficient in particular enzymes (G6PD and CYP-2D6). Patients would need to have a blood test to screen for this PRIOR to taking Arakoda and MUST be made aware of this.

Discuss It With Your Medical Officer

The bottom line is if you are being deployed to a malaria zone and have been prescribed Arakoda, you should seek an alternative to it. Your life may well depend on it.


Australian Defense Forces Brass Engineer Cover-Up Of A Drug Trial That Tested A Controversial Anti-Malarial.


The Quinism Foundation Shares Its Concerns that the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Antimalarial Drug Tafenoquine is Neurotoxic


Unexpected pharmacological and toxicological effects of tafenoquine


Tafenoquine versus primaquine to prevent relapse of plasmodium vivax malaria


Soldiers scarred by antimalarial drugs to receive health check


Whistleblower: The Trial of Major David McBride

High Court To Decide Fate Of Democracy In Australia, Commonwealth.

It is of the utmost importance that the story of Major David McBride be told outside of Australia, where it is currently unfolding. It is of interest to the citizens of every democratic nation across the globe, in particular Australia’s Commonwealth cousins. It demonstrates the vital role that whistleblowers play within a democracy, and that democracy cannot truly exist without them.

This case will also be a test of Australia’s secrecy laws, said to be the strictest among any democracy. There are some down under who now view their country as being a police state, where whistleblowers now face the prospect of a lengthy prison term rather than the protections they ought to be afforded in a democratic society.

There are certain things that by necessity governments must keep secret, things that would jeopardize the security and interests of their nations should this information be made known to others. When the information is of an embarassing nature to the government or, evidence of wrondoing or criminal activity on the part of the government or its officials, this information is exempt from being classified as “Secret”

The secrets they keepThe Australian Wednesday, January 29, 2020


What The Case Is About.

In previous articles I have laid out what this whole thing is about and how it has been mishandled by the Australian press, but I will go over the important points with you.

The Aussie Files: Scandal Of Criminal Proportions


When Is A Secret Not A Secret?



  • Major David McBride, a Legal Officer in the Australian Defence Force was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and again in 2013.
  • While he was in theatre during his first deployment he began to notice some things that seemed irregular to him. They had to do with the Rules of Engagement (ROE) under which Australian troops were operating while in Afghanistan.
  • He was concerned that the restrictions being placed upon frontline troops were placing them at high risk, so much so that he wrote an article about it that appeared in August of 2012. (http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/AUYrBkIntLaw/2012/3.pdf)
  • When he saw the very same thing happen when he deployed in 2013 he knew it was being done intentionally. He would gather evidence that showed the government of the day was acting in an illegal and unethical manner, and that as a result Australian troops were losing their lives in Afghanistan.
  • According to McBride, the evidence pointed to government officials making decisions that were of no strategic value, and that were intended to create better press and higher public opinion ratings for politicians. It was the creation of an “Instagram War” as McBride would put it.
  • Over the course of the next two years McBride took what he found to a half dozen agencies including the Australian Federal Police, and while all agreed that there was evidence of criminal activity, none were willing to pursue the matter. “What do you want us to do, charge the government?” was the response he would usually get.
  • Having exhausted all other options, McBride had no other choice but to leak the documents to the press and he was bound by law as an officer of the court, and by his code of ethics, when he did so.
  • After receiving the documents the press did not report on the government’s misconduct, instead making the story about war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.
  • McBride is arrested and charged with one count of theft of commonwealth property, three counts of breaching the defense act, and one count of unauthorized disclosure of information.
  • Due to the “Top Secret” classification of some of the evidence some portions of the trial will be conducted in camera and only those people with that level of clearance can be in attendance. Because no other legal officers or defence attorneys in Australia hold this level of clearance McBride will be forced to defend himself.

David McBride’s YouTube Channel

On the 27th of January McBride started a YouTube channel called “David McBride’s Trial” and it will offer you insight into the trial from David McBride’s perspective (well, what he’s allowed to talk about that is), and it will give you the opportunity to get to hear him for yourself.

David McBride’s first video on his new YouTube channel.

Lt. Gen. (Ret’d) David Morrison Subpoena Being Challenged By Lawyers for Att’y General.

Just because senior officials break the law, that’s no reason to be a whistleblower.

Paraphrase of statement made in court by lawyer for Attorney General

Despite being served with it in December, David Morrison is only now challenging the subpoena to testify that he was given by McBride and will be in communicado at the bottom of the world for the next two months.

The argument being made by the Attorney General’s office is that having evidence of criminal misconduct by government officials is not a valid reason for being a whistleblower.

Well then, just what exactly would constitute a valid reason? This is EXACTLY what a whistleblower does and is supposed to do in the given set of circumstances, to blow the whistle on government wrongdoing. They are in effect attempting to nullify the whistleblower, permanently silencing anyone looking to do right by the public, and the law.

People in democracies everywhere need to take note of what is going on here, because if the government wins it’s case against David McBride, the people of Australia will have lost their democracy.

Follow along on David’s YouTube channel David McBride’s Trial and stay tuned for updates.

Information About Mefloquine You Can Provide To Your Doctor or Medical Professionals

Links to appropriate academic articles.

One of the biggest hurdles facing those with quinism is the current lack of knowledge about it within the medical community at large. Most of those with quinism have found that their family doctor’s and other healthcare professionals either lack knowledge of the subject, or are skeptical about it. Something that is frequently asked is “what information is there that I can/should provide to my family doctor about quinism?”

Links For Valuable Articles

I have listed a few journal articles that patients can give to their medical professional that will provide valuable information to them. You can either copy and paste the links below to give to them or download and print a hard copy to give to them.

These articles were written by Dr. Remington Nevin of the Quinism Foundation.

Screening for Symptomatic Mefloquine Exposure Among Veterans With Chronic Psychiatric Symptoms

Remington L. Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH


A journal article by Remington l. Nevin on MDEdge.com, website available only to medical professionals.


This is a journal article dated January 24, 2020. The bottom line of this is that mefloquine can destroy cells in a particular part of the brain.

Mefloquine binding to human acyl-CoA binding protein leads to redox stress-mediated apoptotic death of human neuroblastoma cells.

Kumar A1Ghosh DK2Ranjan A3.



It may also be helpful to provide a link for the Quinism Foundation as well.


Pass This Information On To Others

Be sure to share this information with everyone. Should I be made aware of more information that will prove to be of assistance to you, I will keep you updated.