I’m Raising Funds For A New Laptop.

My goal is $1100.

Well, the time has come where my current laptop no longer has the power for me to work effectively. It’s an HP Stream 14 that has only 4GB of RAM, very little disk space, and is no longer able to meet my needs at all.

A laptop is my single most important piece of equipment. Without one I wouldn’t be able to do any of the work that I have been able to do up to this point, and being without one will seriously hamper my future efforts. I have been able to do a lot of good working with this laptop but it in order for me to continue I will simply need a new one. On looking at the selection online I figure that $1000-$1200 would be about what I would need. I’m estimating since the price of computers changes by the day. Therefore I am asking for $1100 to buy a new laptop.

I do not have a job or any other reliable source of income at the moment so your donations would mean a great deal, especially now. I know that people might not have as much to give in these uncertain times, so I certainly won’t begrudge anyone for not contributing. To those that can afford it and do decide to contribute, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.


Exercise Freedom Together: Just A Walk In The Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park that is.

As an ambassador for this year’s Field Of Crosses Memorial Foundation’s fundraiser Exercise Freedom Together, I’m throwing a challenge out to all the people I know who are physically able to, to walk, run, or bike 3k and then post a selfie with your hand over your heart on social media usingthe hashtag #Exercisefreedomtogether. Today I walked a 3k route in Fish Creek Provincial Park in Southwest Calgary (by the time I was finished and back at home again I had walked over 9k from beginning to end.

Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second largest urban park in Canada and ranks as one of the largest in North America, at over 3,300 acres, and it is less than a kilometer from my home base. All together it has almost 120 km (nealy 75 miles) of pathways, 66 km (just over 40 miles) of which is paved.

Votier’s Flats to Bebo Grove

I selected a location that was 3k away from where I had entered the Park at Votier’s Flats, a place called Bebo Grove.

Starting Line – Votier’s Flats

First bridge
Halfway-near Raven Rocks
Bridge 6
Bridge 4

The Finish Line – Bebo Grove Day Use Area & Stormwater Pond.

For those wondering what ‘Fat Biking” is, think mountain biking only with huge, fat tires. When these things are coming down the pathwahy it literally sounds like a one-ton pick-up truck is heading your way. Great for the unpaved trail network and during the winter time.

Amazon.com: 24 Inch - Mountain Bikes / Bikes: Sports & Outdoors

The Challenge

Get together a group of up to 5 people to make a $25 donation to the Field Of Crosses Memorial Foundation. I know a lot of people who like to walk in groups, so the next time you go out for your daily exercise, please remember to #Exercisefreedomtogether.


We Got Your Six: Stephen Beardwood Talks Reopening The Somalia Inquiry

With your host Marj Matchee.

As I began entering the world of this advocacy a year and a half ago I would quickly learn what some of the hot button issues were, and this particular one is high on the list. The blowback I got after the first time I wrote about reopening the Somalia Inquiry told me that I had just opened up a big and shitty can of worms. People became quite passionate in their views that it should just be left alone, and that we needed to just move on.

Well, I was just as passionate in my response to them, pointing out that it was necessary to reopen the Inquiry for two primary reasons.

First and foremost we owe the truth to history. There is important, relevant testimony that will remain missing from the historical record unless the Somalia Commission of Inquiry is reseated to hear it.

The second reason is spelled out in this statement from the Executive Summary of the commission report:

Some suggestion has been made to this Inquiry that mefloquine caused severe side effects, including abnormal and violent behaviour, among some Canadian Forces personnel in Somalia. We were not able to explore fully the possible impact of mefloquine. This would have required additional hearings dedicated specifically to the issue, which time did not permit. However, we report here our general findings about mefloquine and its possible impact on operations in Somalia. It is clear that mefloquine caused some minor problems in Somalia, as might be expected from a review of the medical literature. We learned of several incidents of gastro-intestinal upset, vivid dreams, nightmares referred to by soldiers as “meflomares”, and inability to sleep following the use of this drug. Side effects — or at least the minor side effects, and possibly also the major side effects — appeared to be most pronounced in the 24 to 48 hours after taking mefloquine. If mefloquine did in fact cause or contribute to some of the misbehaviour that is the subject of this Inquiry, CF personnel who were influenced by the drug might be partly or totally excused for their behaviour. However, for reasons described more fully in Chapter 41, we are not able to reach a final conclusion on this issue….

It is evident that further investigation is warranted before any firm conclusions about the role of mefloquine can be drawn.

Executive Summary of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Deployment of Canadian Forces to Somalia

Not letting this go.

This is non-negotiable and it will not be going away. The truth needs to be put on the record. It’s time to reopen the Somalia Commission of Inquiry.

#VeteransMefloquineRally2020 #Inthistogether #quinism

El rally de mefloquina de veteranos de 2020 está a la vuelta de la esquina

Sábado 19 de septiembre #Veteransmefloquinerally2020

3er Rally anual de mefloquina de veteranos en Ottawa 2019

El año pasado tuve la oportunidad de estar en Ottawa para el tercer rally anual de mefloquina de veteranos y tuve el honor de presentar a Marj Matchee, la fuerza impulsora detrás del rally y defensor de la mefloquina desde hace mucho tiempo. Fue una ocasión memorable para mí y tuve la oportunidad de conocer a mucha gente en persona por primera vez, y estaba ansioso por asistir nuevamente el año siguiente.

Las cosas han cambiado mucho desde el año pasado y, como resultado, el rally ya no se pudo realizar en Ottawa. Sin inmutarse por esto, Marj se dispuso a armar un nuevo plan. Habrá otro mitin, en Edmonton, y ella estará allí para luchar y hablar por los veteranos canadienses y sus seres queridos cuyas vidas han sido destruidas debido a la mefloquina.

Pero Edmonton no será el único lugar que tendrá un mitin, ya que también habrá uno en Kingston, Ontario. También puede haber uno que tenga lugar en Nueva Escocia. Dondequiera que se encuentre en Canadá, o en el mundo para el caso, si desea hacer una declaración sobre la mefloquina, esta sería una gran oportunidad para hacerlo. No es necesario que organices un mitin, aunque si eres capaz de organizar uno, hazlo.


Como siempre, el propósito de la manifestación es pedir al Gobierno de Canadá:

  • Reabrir la Comisión de Investigación de Somalia.
  • Reconocer a aquellos cuyas vidas han sido dañadas como resultado de la orden de tomar mefloquina.
  • Poner a disposición fondos para la investigación de una cura y para poner los recursos médicos a disposición de los veteranos que se han visto afectados.

Para quienes viven fuera de Canadá, esta sería una gran oportunidad para aumentar la conciencia sobre la mefloquina en sus países y, al mismo tiempo, pedir a sus propios gobiernos que también tomen medidas sobre este tema. Es probable que miles de veteranos en toda Europa estén sufriendo porque a ellos también les pasó lo mismo. Los esfuerzos de defensa en Irlanda y el Reino Unido están dando voz a los veteranos allí, pero no se puede decir lo mismo de la Europa continental, donde las tasas de PTSD y suicidio entre los veteranos se han disparado a lo largo de los años.


Aún puede mostrar su apoyo y marcar la diferencia sin realizar un mitin. Dondequiera que se encuentre en el mundo el 19 de septiembre, tome una foto de sí mismo sosteniendo un cartel con el hashtag # Veteransmefloquinerally2020 junto con la ubicación en la que se encuentra, y publíquelo en la página de Facebook del Rally de Mefloquina de Veteranos 2020 haciendo clic en el enlace a continuación y luego “Discusión” en la propia página. Tampoco tiene que ser un letrero grande, incluso escribirlo en una hoja de papel con un rotulador bastará.


Sábado 19 de septiembre

El sábado 19 de septiembre, en cualquier lugar del mundo en el que se encuentre, tómese un poco de tiempo para mostrar su apoyo a los veteranos que pagaron un precio muy alto por su servicio, y para hacer saber a los gobiernos que serán responsables de su comportamiento.

O Rally da Mefloquina de Veteranos de 2020 está chegando

Sábado, 19 de setembro #Veteransmefloquinerally2020

3º Rally Anual da Mefloquina de Veteranos em Ottawa 2019

No ano passado, tive a oportunidade de estar em Ottawa para o terceiro Rally da Mefloquina de Veteranos e tive a honra de apresentar Marj Matchee, a força motriz por trás do rali e defensor da mefloquina por muito tempo. Foi uma ocasião memorável para mim e tive a oportunidade de conhecer muitas pessoas pessoalmente pela primeira vez, e estava ansioso para participar novamente no ano seguinte.

As coisas mudaram muito desde o ano passado e, como resultado, o rali não poderia mais ser realizado em Ottawa. Implacável por isso, Marj começou a montar um novo plano. Haverá outro comício, em Edmonton, e ela estará lá para lutar e falar pelos veteranos canadenses e seus entes queridos cujas vidas foram destruídas por causa da mefloquina.

Mas Edmonton não será o único lugar que terá um rali, pois também haverá um em Kingston, Ontário. Também pode haver um ocorrendo na Nova Escócia. Onde quer que você esteja no Canadá, ou no mundo todo, se você quiser fazer uma declaração sobre a mefloquina, esta seria uma grande oportunidade de fazê-lo. Você não tem que fazer um rally, embora se você for capaz de organizar um faça isso.


Como sempre, o objetivo da manifestação é chamar o Governo do Canadá:

  • Reabrir a Comissão de Inquérito da Somália.
  • Para reconhecer aqueles cujas vidas foram prejudicadas como resultado da ordem de tomar mefloquina.
  • Disponibilizar fundos para pesquisas sobre a cura e disponibilizar recursos médicos aos veteranos que foram afetados.

Para aqueles que vivem fora do Canadá, esta seria uma grande oportunidade de aumentar a conscientização sobre a mefloquina em seus países e, ao mesmo tempo, apelar aos seus próprios governos para que tomem medidas também nesta questão. Provavelmente milhares de veteranos em toda a Europa estão sofrendo porque a mesma coisa aconteceu com eles também. Os esforços de advocacy na Irlanda e no Reino Unido estão dando voz aos veteranos lá, mas o mesmo não pode ser dito da Europa continental, onde as taxas de PTSD e suicídio entre veteranos dispararam ao longo dos anos.


Você ainda pode mostrar seu apoio e fazer a diferença sem realizar um rally. Onde quer que você esteja no mundo em 19 de setembro, tire uma foto de você mesmo segurando uma placa com a hashtag # Veteransmefloquinerally2020 junto com o local em que você está e poste na página do Facebook do Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally 2020 clicando no link abaixo e em seguida, “Discussão” na própria página. Também não precisa ser um grande sinal, até mesmo escrevê-lo em um pedaço de papel com um Sharpie já serve.


Sábado, 19 de setembro

No sábado, 19 de setembro, onde quer que você esteja no mundo, dedique um pouco de seu tempo para mostrar seu apoio aos veteranos que pagaram um preço muito alto por seus serviços e para que os governos saibam que serão responsabilizados por seus ações.

Losing My Politics

The time has come for a change.

I have followed politics for a long time, locally, nationally, and internationally, and it has become clear to me, just as it has for countless others in Canada, that some drastic changes need to be made in the way we do politics in this country. Policy decisions that will have an effect on the entire electorate are being made by an elite few within the governing parties at the provincial and federal levels. Our elected representatives do not necessarily represent the views of many of the people that voted for them, they are beholden to their parties and the special interests that fund them.

Over time the ideological divide between these various factions has grown to the point that they are now at such extremes that there is no common ground between them. Their “leaders” are followed blindly by supporters who are unwilling to acknowledge even the most blatant lies and criminality on the part of their political saviours. This has done nothing but bring us to the precupice of civil war and unless some very drastic changes are made, and immediately, this country faces the prospect of destruction.

There are those that would say that democracy has failed and that only by embracing socialism will we be able to save our society. I strongly refute this is would suggest that would is needed is a change in the nature of our democracy. Rather than rejecting democracy as a failure I submit that what we need is to change from a Representative Democracy to a Direct Democracy, such as the Swiss have.

Representative Democracy vs. Direct Democracy

In Switzerland the people have a much greater say in what happens in government, and vote in elections and referndums an average of four times per year. At the heart of direct democracy are three electoral instruments available to citizens. These are:

Popular initiative

The popular initiative gives citizens the right to propose an amendment or addition to the Constitution.  It acts to drive or launch a political debate on a specific issue.  For such an initiative to come about, the signatures of 100,000 voters who support the proposal must be collected within 18 months.  The authorities sometimes respond to an initiative with a direct counter-proposal in the hope that a majority of the people and the cantons support that instead.

Optional referendum

The optional referendum allows the people to demand that any bill approved by the Federal Assembly is put to a nationwide vote.  In order to bring about a national referendum, 50,000 valid signatures must be collected within 100 days of publication of the new legislation..

Mandatory referendum

All constitutional amendments approved by parliament are subject to a mandatory referendum, i.e. they must be put to a nationwide popular vote.   The electorate are also required to approve Swiss membership of specific international organisations.

Discover Switzerland Website

Back to the Leaderology Lab

It has been a few months since Pat Stogran’s last episode of his Leaderology Lab podcast. He’s been taking some time to enjoy being a grandfather, and I can’t blame him for that at all. I’ve been missing it though and the idea came into my head that perhaps I could give it a shot, and keep the discussion moving forward. I want to define the qualities that real leaders have and examine whether we can see any of these in our politicians today, and to open up a discussion about those things that we need to do in order to make this a better country.

I endorse the Veteran’s Coalition Party.

Home | Keith Rosenberg

It has become abundantly clear that there is no real difference between the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the NDP here in Canada. These parties all represent the same BS that got us into the mess that we are in today. So I am going to be supporting another national alternative in the next election in the form of the Veteran’s Coalition Party Of Canada. Despite being made up of veterans and former first responders the party doesn’t just represent the interests of this particular constituency, it has a plan that will be of benefit to ALL Canadians.

I will also be inviting VCP candidates to speak on the podcast, and because they will not be invited to participate in any of the debates in the next election, I am going to afford them the opportunity to address the debate questions in this forum.

I’ll be talking about this more in the weeks and months ahead in the Leaderology Lab and hope to have things up and running again in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I urge you to consider what I have said here, and to let me know what you think. I hope to have things up and running in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

The Last Hundred Days: Day 25-27

1-3 September – Battle Of The Drocourt-Quéant Line

Photograph of German barbed wire defences at Quéant part of the Hindenburg Line. Date 4 October 1918.
Credit This is photograph is from the collections of the Imperial War Museums (CO 3392)

On September 1st the Canadian corps were able to take a strategic point known as the Crow’s Nest that overlooked a large portion of the D-Q Line, capturing 200 German prisoners along with a number of weapons including dozens of machine guns. The following day the Canadian Corps would begin their assault on the Drocourt-Quéant Line, though many commanders had grave misgivings about it. They would have little time to prepare and wouldn’t be able to rely on greatly needed additional armored or artillery support.

Currie attempted to utilize the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade under Brig. Gen. Raymond Brutinel, however the rough terrain of the battlefied would render them useless and see many damaged or destroyed by machine gun and artillery fire.

Canadian armoured cars going into action at the Battle of Amiens. Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-003016

Amid some of the fiercest fighting to that point the Canadian Corps had managed to breach the D-Q Line across a front 6km wide. The tank companies that had supported the assault would be charged with neutalizing concrete bunkers and machine gun nests as well as helping to clear the thick masses of barbed wire. By the end of the day three more villages would be liberated, and a record seven Canadians would be awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions during that day.

By the end of the day on September 3rd the Canadian Corps had pushed the Germans back to their next defensive line, the Canal du Nord, and advanced a total of 8km over the course of the three days of the battle. It would come at a heavy cost as the Corps lost nearly 300 officers and over 5,300 soldiers.

Seven Victoria Crosses Awarded

A single day’s record of seven Canadian soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions on 2 September. Two of them were Americans though, who had come to Canada after the outbreak of war to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Lance Cpl. William Henry Metcalf

Photo of William Henry Metcalf

Born in the US in 1885, Metcalfe came to Canada when the war broke out to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force and served with the 16th Infantry Battalion. He was awarded the Military Medal in 1916 for his actions during the Battle Of The Somme, and on September 2nd, 1918, he would earn the VC for actions near the village of Cagnicourt. The citation reads:

“For most conspicuous bravery, initiative and devotion to duty in attack, when, the right flank of the battalion being held up, he realised the situation and rushed forward under intense machine-gun fire to a passing Tank on the left. With his signal flag he walked in front of the Tank, directing it along the trench in a perfect hail of bullets and bombs. The machine-gun strong points were overcome, very heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy, and a very critical situation was relieved.

Later, although wounded, he continued to advance until ordered to get into a shell hole and have his wounds dressed.

His valour throughout was of the highest standard.”

(London Gazette, no.31012, 15 November 1918)

Capt. Bellenden Seymour Hutcheson

Bellenden Seymour Hutcheson

Born at Mount Carmel in 1885, Bellenden Hutcheson graduated medical school from Northwestern University and came to Canada at the breakout of the war, joining the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a medical officer in the 75th Infantry Battalion. He was awarded the VC for his actions treating the wounded under fire on September 2nd. His citation reads:

“For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty on September 2nd, when under most intense shell, machine-gun and rifle fire, he went through the Quéant-Drocourt Support Line with the battalion. Without hesitation and with utter disregard of personal safety he remained on the field until every wounded man had been attended to. He dressed the wounds of a seriously wounded officer under terrific machine-gun and shell fire, and, with the assistance of prisoners and of his own men, succeeded in evacuating him to safety, despite the fact that the bearer party suffered heavy casualties.

Immediately afterwards he rushed forward, in full view of the enemy, under heavy machine-gun and rifle fire, to tend a wounded serjeant, and, having placed him in a shell-hole, dressed his wounds. Captain Hutcheson performed many similar gallant acts, and, by his coolness and devotion to duty, many lives were saved.”

(London Gazette, no.31067, 14 December 1918)


The Last Hundred Days


Battle Honours and Honorary Distinctions


The Vimy Foundation


The Last Hundred Days: Day 21-24

28-31 August – The Battle Of The Scarpe

Commander of the Canadian Corps, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie, inspecting German guns captured in the Amiens offensive, August, 1918.
Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-003046 (MIKAN no. 3397919)

Also part of Second Battle of Arras, the Battle of the Scarpe was three days of brutal combat that would see over 250 officers and over 5,500 men of the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Divisions fall as casualties. They were able to achieve most of their objectives however and in the process captured 3,300 German prisoners along with over 500 machine guns.

They had managed to advance a further 8km across extremely difficult shell cratered terrain, and through well-fortified German defenses. It would be the prelude to the assault on the main German defensive line, the Drocourt-Queant Line, on September 2nd.

The end is near.

General Currie
General Currie, Commander of the Canadian troops in France, and A.D.C. Location unknown. June, 1917.
Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-001370 (MIKAN no. 3191901)

After the battle, Canadian Corps Commander Lt.Gen. Arthur Currie began to have a sense that the end of the war was nearing. In his personal War Diary he would write that the battle was “One of the war’s greatest triumphs.”

Victoria Cross – Lt.Col. William Hew Clark-Kennedy

William Hew Clark-Kennedy

The Victoria Cross was awarded to the commander of the 24th Infantry Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Lt.Col. William Hew Clark-Kennedy, for his actions on 27 and 28 August. His citation reads:

“For most conspicuous bravery, initiative and skilful leading on the 27th and 28th August, 1918, when in command of his battalion.

On the 27th he led his battalion with great bravery and skill from Crow and Aigrette trenches in front of Wancourt to the attack on the Fresnes-Rouvroy line.  From the outset the brigade, of which the 24th Battalion was a central unit, came under very heavy shell and machine-gun fire, suffering many casualties, especially amongst leaders.  Units became partially disorganised and the advance was checked.  Appreciating the vital importance to the brigade front of a lead by the centre, and undismayed by annihilating fire, Lt.-Col. Clark-Kennedy, by sheer personality and initiative, inspired his men and led them forward.  On several occasions he set an outstanding example by leading parties straight at the machine-gun nests which were holding up the advance and overcame these obstacles.

By controlling the direction of neighbouring units and collecting men who had lost their leaders, he rendered valuable services in strengthening the line, and enabled the whole brigade front to move forward.

By the afternoon, very largely due to the determined leadership of this officer and disregard for his own life, his battalion, despite heavy losses, has made good the maze of trenches west of Cherisy and Cherisy Village, had crossed the Sensee Rivert bed, and had occupied Occident Trench in front of the heavy wire of the Fresnes-Rouvroy line; under continuous fire he then went up and down his line until far into the night, improving the position, giving wonderful encouragement to his men, and sent back very clear reports.

On the next day he again showed valorous leadership in the attack on the Fresnes-Rouvroy line and Upton Wood.  Though severely wounded soon after the start he refused aid, and dragged himself to a shell-hole, from which he could observe.  Realising that his exhausted troops could advance no further he established a strong line of defence and thereby prevented the loss of most important ground.  Despite intense pain and serious loss of blood he refused to be evacuated for over five hours, by which time he had established the line in a position from which it was possible for the relieving troops to continue the advance.

It is impossible to overestimate the results achieved by the valour and leadership of this officer.”

(London Gazette, no.31067, 14 December 1918)

Veteran’s Affairs Canada – The Last Hundred Days


Library and Archives Canada


Battle Honours and Honorary Distinctions


Il rally Mefloquine del veterano 2020 è proprio dietro l’angolo

Sabato 19 settembre #Veteransmefloquinerally2020

Terzo Rally Mefloquine annuale dei veterani a Ottawa 2019

L’anno scorso ho avuto l’opportunità di essere a Ottawa per il terzo raduno annuale di Mefloquine per veterani e ho avuto l’onore di presentare Marj Matchee, la forza trainante del rally e da lungo tempo sostenitore della meflochina. È stata un’occasione memorabile per me e ho avuto la possibilità di incontrare molte persone di persona per la prima volta, e non vedevo l’ora di partecipare di nuovo l’anno successivo.

Le cose sono cambiate molto dallo scorso anno e di conseguenza il rally non ha potuto più svolgersi a Ottawa. Imperterrito da questo, Marj si mise a mettere insieme un nuovo piano. Ci sarà un altro raduno, a Edmonton, e lei sarà lì per combattere e parlare per quei veterani canadesi e i loro cari le cui vite sono state distrutte a causa della meflochina.

Ma Edmonton non sarà l’unico posto in cui si terrà un rally perché ce ne sarà uno anche a Kingston, in Ontario. Potrebbe anche essercene uno in Nuova Scozia. Ovunque tu sia in Canada, o nel mondo per quella materia, se vuoi fare una dichiarazione sulla meflochina, questa sarebbe una grande opportunità per farlo. Non è necessario organizzare un raduno, ma se sei in grado di organizzarne uno con tutti i mezzi fallo.


Come sempre lo scopo della manifestazione è chiamare il governo del Canada:

  • Per riaprire la Commissione d’inchiesta somala.
  • Per riconoscere coloro le cui vite sono state danneggiate a seguito dell’ordine di prendere meflochina.
  • Per mettere a disposizione fondi per la ricerca su una cura e per mettere a disposizione risorse mediche per i veterani che sono stati colpiti.

Per coloro che vivono al di fuori del Canada, questa sarebbe una grande opportunità per aumentare la consapevolezza della meflochina nei vostri paesi, invitando anche i vostri governi ad agire su questo problema. Migliaia di veterani in tutta Europa probabilmente stanno soffrendo perché la stessa cosa è successa anche a loro. Gli sforzi di advocacy in Irlanda e nel Regno Unito stanno dando voce ai veterani lì, ma lo stesso non si può dire per l’Europa continentale, dove i tassi di PTSD e suicidio tra i veterani sono saliti alle stelle nel corso degli anni.


Puoi ancora mostrare il tuo sostegno e fare la differenza senza organizzare una manifestazione. Ovunque tu sia nel mondo il 19 settembre, scatta una foto di te stesso con in mano un cartello con l’hashtag # Veteransmefloquinerally2020 insieme al luogo in cui ti trovi e pubblicalo sulla pagina Facebook del Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally 2020 facendo clic sul link sottostante e quindi “Discussione” nella pagina stessa. Non deve nemmeno essere un grande segno, anche scriverlo su un pezzo di carta con un pennarello andrà bene.


Sabato 19 settembre

Sabato 19 settembre, ovunque tu sia nel mondo, prenditi un po ‘di tempo per mostrare il tuo sostegno a quei veterani che hanno pagato un prezzo molto alto per il loro servizio e per far sapere ai governi che saranno ritenuti responsabili per il loro servizio. Azioni.

A 2020-os veterán mefloquine rallyja csak a sarkon van

Szeptember 19., szombat #Veteransmefloquinerally2020

Harmadik éves veterán mefloquine rally 2019-ben Ottawában

Tavaly volt alkalmam Ottawában lenni a harmadik éves Veterán Mefloquine Rally-n, és megtiszteltetés volt bemutatni Marj Matchee-t, a rally és a mefloquine szószólója mögött meghúzódó mozgatórugót. Ez egy emlékezetes alkalom számomra, és a legelső alkalommal lehetőségem volt találkozni sok emberrel személyesen, és nagyon vártam, hogy újra részt vehetek a következő évben.

A dolgok sokat változtak a tavaly óta, és ennek eredményeként a rallyt már nem lehetett Ottawában megtartani. Ennek tudatában Marj új terv elkészítését tervezte. Utolsó rendezvény lesz Edmontonban, és ott lesz, hogy harcoljon és szóljon azokért a kanadai veteránokért és szeretteikért, akik életét a meflokvin miatt elpusztították.

De Edmonton nem lesz az egyetlen hely, ahol versenyt rendeznek, hiszen Kingstonban, Ontarioban is lesz hely. Lehet, hogy egy Nova Scotia-ban is zajlik. Bárhol is tartózkodsz Kanadában vagy az egész világon, ha nyilatkozatot akarsz tenni a mefloquinról, ez nagyszerű lehetőség erre. Nem kell rendezvényt tartania, bár ha mindenképp képes megszervezni, akkor azt is meg kell tennie.


Mint mindig, a gyülekezés célja Kanada kormányának felhívása:

  • A szomáliai vizsgálóbizottság újbóli megnyitása.
  • Elismerni azokat, akiknek az életét megrongálta a meflokin szedése.
  • A finanszírozás rendelkezésre bocsátása a gyógymód kutatására és az egészségügyi források rendelkezésre bocsátására az érintett veteránok számára.

Kanadán kívül élők számára ez nagyszerű lehetőség lenne a mefloquine tudatosság növelésére az Ön országaiban, miközben felhívja a saját kormányait, hogy tegyenek lépéseket e kérdésben is. Európában veteránok ezrei valószínűleg szenvednek, mert ugyanaz történt velük is. Az Írországban és az Egyesült Királyságban folytatott érdekképviseleti erőfeszítések hangot adnak az ottani veteránoknak, de ugyanez nem mondható el a kontinentális Európáról, ahol a PTSD és az veteránok öngyilkosságai az évek során rohamosan növekedtek.


Mégis megmutathatja támogatását és változást hozhat anélkül, hogy rallyt tartana. Bárhol is van a világ szeptember 19-én, készítsen képet arról, hogy tartsa-e a táblán a hashtagot # Veteransmefloquinerally2020, a tartózkodási helyével együtt, és tegye közzé a Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally 2020 Facebook oldalán az alábbi linkre kattintva, és majd a „Megbeszélés” maga az oldal. Ennek nem is kell nagy jelnek lennie, még akkor is, ha azt Sharpie-val egy papírlapra kiírja.


Szeptember 19., szombat

Szeptember 19-én, szombaton, bárhol is legyen a világon, szánjon egy kis időt arra, hogy mutassa támogatását azoknak a veteránoknak, akik nagyon mély árat fizettek szolgálatukért, és tudassa a kormányokkal, hogy felelősségre vonják őket cselekvések.