2020 Annual Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally In Ottawa Pre-emptively Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Rallies to be held in Edmonton, other cities instead.

The announcement from Marj Matchee came as no surprise, the 4th Annual Veteran’s Mefloquine Rally in Ottawa on September 19th is cancelled as a result of the pandemic. The protocols in place regarding social distancing and travel simply wouldn’t allow for it right now. It’s unfortunate but this is the reality we now live in and we must adjust to it accordingly.

Instead, Marj is announcing that the rally will take place in Edmonton at a location as yet to be determined, and that she’s hoping to see other rallies in towns and citites across Canada and the world on Saturday, September 19th at 1300 local time. Whether the rally is in Edmonton or Ottawa the message will remain the same.

Its time for the 4th annual Veterans Mefloquine Rally at Parliament Hill.

Lets make our voices heard!!

The annual Veterans Mefloquine Rally is an excellent occasion to reach veterans, their families and caregivers, and those who have not yet connected the dots that their health issues may be due to this drug.

As part of the agenda for this rally, we are focusing attention on:

1. Reopening the Somalia Affair

2. Asking the Canadian government for acknowledgement of the damage done to the people who were ordered to take this drug. This has been going on for at least 27 years.

3. Government funded research to find a cure or ways to manage the health and mental damage done to our veterans

This is our year!!

The mass-tort lawsuit is gaining momentum. Lets bring that energy to the hill.

Marj Matchee https://www.facebook.com/events/2626280620800832/

Details of the location of the rally in Edmonton will be announced once the arrangements have been finalized. Wherever you are in the world be it Edmonton, Ottawa, New York, Rome, Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, or anywhere else, mark September 19th on your calendar and start making plans.

Let governments know that nothing will stop our voices from being heard, not this year or in any other.

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