We Got Your Six with Marj Matchee – Charles Scott

The veteran that got left behind.

Master Corporal (retired) Charles Scott served his country for 11 years including deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan. One year following his release he was diagnosed with PTSD related to his service in Asia, and he was also suffering the effects of quinism because he was administered mefloquine while he was in Afghanistan.

Before he was released in 2008, a note was placed on his file indicating that he was at high risk for PTSD. This note was never followed up by anyone and his file sat unlooked at for years. In November of 2018 a Veteran’s Affairs case manager was finally assigned to the file, however unbeknownst to Scott this person had left VAC and his file was again misplaced.

Earlier this year he launched a suit against the government and he tells Marj all about it and his fight with the system in this episode.

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