Attention All Somalia Veterans

Dr. Remington Nevin wants to speak to you if you took mefloquine.

Last week was big for Dr. Remington Nevin and the Quinism Foundation. On Monday he was in Kanata, Ontario, where he accepted a $25,000 grant from the Royal Canadian Legion. It didn’t come via an oversized novelty cheque, but Dr. Nevin is flashing an oversized smile.

What the money will do is allow Dr. Nevin to conduct a review of a LIMITED number of veteran’s records. The reviews have a number of purposes. First, they will allow for an assessment to determine whether or not mefloquine is the cause of any current disabilities.

Second, they will also allow for reports to be made that will be primarily for the information of the veteran, but could also be used when applying for disability benefits.

The criteria

Reviews of this type are very detailed and as such, the funding only allows for a limited number of them. In order to make the most of the reviews, there are a number of criteria that must be met in order to participate.

  • Must be a Somalia-era veteran, preferably with objective neurological findings (diagnosed seizure or paresthesia disorder, or diagnosed vestibular or visual problems, such as vertigo, eye-teaming, or accommodative disorders). 
  • Must have complete Canadian Forces medical documentation including documentation of receipt of mefloquine.
  • Must have complete medical documentation following separation from service.

Contact Dr. Nevin

If you are a Somalia-era veteran with COMPLETE medical documentation, you can contact Dr. Nevin. After an initial email review, he may ask you to submit your medical records to him electronically for screening, at which time he will provide you with further details via email.

If you meet the criteria your information will provide Dr. Nevin with valuable data that will assist in gaining a better understanding of quinism, with the ultimate long-term goal of finding a treatment or cure. Your contribution will forever be a part of scientific history.

Dr. Remingtin Nevin

Phone: 1-802-291-3651



6 thoughts on “Attention All Somalia Veterans

  1. I am interested in the study.
    I was deployed to Somalia with the Airborne Battle group in 1993.
    I do not have my current medical records so they would have to be obtained from DND.


    1. Here is the email address to send your req to. You can send them an email and get the ball rolling. Call if you want, however email provides a record. I sent my first by mail and waited two (2) years to find out they ‘hadn’t rec’d’ it. Need to provide your SN, dates of service, etc. Plus incl that you want ALL your svc med records. Hope this helps. AIRBORNE!!

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  2. Hello Dr. Nevin, I was in Somalia and took that poison, I even went to military doctor that the medication was making me ill,but was ordered to take it, but quit taking it 3 month into deployment


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